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Imaging in Practice

Presenting Complaint: The dog has been lethargic and vomiting off and on for the past week after consuming a stuffed animal toy.

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Patients Wanted for Clinical Studies in Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia and Thrombocytopenia

Dr. Dana LeVine, board-certified small animal internist, is passionate about all things hematologic. She has two ongoing research studies that focus on immune-mediated blood disorders. Both studies are soliciting canine subjects.
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Anticholinergic Drugs in Dogs

Can I use anticholinergic drugs with dexmedetomidine in dogs?
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Technical Perspective:
Indirect Blood Pressure Measurement

Systemic hypertension can cause damage to multiple organs including the target organs: kidneys, eyes, brain, and heart.

Indirect blood pressure should be monitored in patients that have clinical abnormalities that are consistent with hypertensive target organ damage, or if there is diagnosis of a disease that causes secondary hypertension (ie. renal failure and Cushing’s disease). 

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The Pharmacy Dose

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> A Sweet Disaster - Xylitol in Dogs
Xylitol, a common artificial sweetener, is found in sugar-free gums, oral care products, and baked goods, as well as in low concentrations naturally in fruits, berries, vegetables, and mushrooms. While harmless to humans, it presents a unique toxicity for dogs. Little data is available to supports its toxic effects in cats. Read More

> Faculty Spotlight on Dr. James Noxon

Take a look at the life and everyday practices of Dr. Noxon as a professor, dermatologist, and mentor. Read More 





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