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A Problem Down Under
A Case of Cloacal Prolapse
in a Parrot

Presenting Complaint: Intermittent cloacal prolapse of two months duration in a 12-year-old Timneh African Grey parrot.

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Small Animal Toxicology

Most veterinarians assume we only do analyses of food animal cases because
of our national presence in food animal diagnostics, but we offer routine and
custom analytical services for small animals, as well.

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Deciduous Teeth Extractions

When should deciduous teeth be extracted in puppies and kittens?
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Farrier Services

Doug Russo, CJF, AAPF, joined the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center staff in October.

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>> March 26-27, 2015, American Farriers 
Association Certification

>> March 28-29, 1st Annual ISU  
Veterinarian/ Farrier Hoof Conference

  • Conference includes lectures for 
veterinarians and farriers, and will 
include a wet lab on the 29th.
  • It will include lectures that pertain 
both to vets and farriers as well as 
a wet lab on Sunday.

Approved by the Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine for 6.5 CE credits.

Online pre-registration open until March 20!
For more information and to register visit:


Equine Corneal Stromal Abscesses

Corneal stromal abscesses are uncommon but compose up to 9% of equine cases presented to veterinary ophthalmologists. A stromal abscess occurs when an infectious agent is sealed within the corneal stroma following epithelialization of a corneal ulceration.  

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The Pharmacy Dose

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 VOL. 2 NO. 1

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From the Editor

We are moving forward on a number of initiatives. This fall we met with local practitioners and representatives of the IVMA to discuss ways that we can enhance communications and services with our referring veterinarians.

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in a Dog

A 3-year-old, male Doberman Pinscher is presented for anorexia, weakness, and coughing of 10 days duration. The dog is lethargic and tachypneic. Mucous membranes are pale pink, with slightly slow refill time. The heart rate is irregular and rapid. Pulses are weak and variable. The jugular veins are normal. There is a soft systolic murmur at the left apex. Thoracic radiographs indicate cardiomegaly with a moderate amount of pulmonary edema. An ECG is recorded (simultaneous Leads I, II, III at 25 mm/sec, 1 cm = 1 mV).

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Heather Brewer, Tracy Ann Raef, Johnna Decker


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