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Ocular Abnormality
in a Cat

Earn Iowa CE credit by answering case-related questions about the clinical diagnosis, treatment options and risks; and review a case commentary.




Clinical Trial on Paralysis in Dogs

Dr. Nicholas Jeffery, a neurologist at the Lloyd  Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State, is actively engaged in a clinical research trial to discover a way to treat paralysis in dogs. Finding a cure to paralysis is not only a goal of Dr. Jeffery, but also his passion. Read More


Q & A: Pelvic Limb Dysfunction
in Dogs

In older German shepherds, how can you differentiate among degenerative myelopathy and other diseases?
Read Answer

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Facial Nerve Paralysis Across Species

Disease that involves the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII) is a common problem seen in clinical practice. CN VII supplies innervation to the muscles of facial expression, to the lacrimal and salivary glands, to the middle ear and the blood vessels of the head, and to the palate and the rostral two-thirds of the tongue. These latter two functions are not usually as clinically apparent or important. Read More


Dog with facial nerve paralysis on left side and horse with facial nerve paralysis on right side. (web exclusives)




Important Message about Phone Systems

The Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center and the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and at Iowa State have been experiencing some intermittent technical difficulties with a new telephone system. Learn more

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The Pharmacy Dose

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Heather Brewer, Katherine Cunningham, Johnna Decker, Rick Pallister, Sandy Popelka


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