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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the IT security policies?


What kind of computer should I buy?

All incoming CVM students are required to purchase a tablet PC. Read more about our mobile computer program and learn about how to purchase, what to get and why it is important.

Where do I buy computers on campus, software, peripherals and computer add-ons?

Any computer, software or peripheral purchase on university or research funds must be purchased and inventoried through the CVM IT office.  If you have questions please contact the Director of IT, Steven Kovarik.

Purchase and support policy for computers, software, and peripheral components:

Download the Purchase and Support Policy for computers

Click here for purchase procedure for computers and network-dependent items

How can I get support after hours?

After-hours IT emergency help desk 294-4000

How do I set up my Iowa State email on my mobile device? 

Instructions can be found here: https://www.it.iastate.edu/howtos/office365

How do I back up my computer? 

The college offers a backup service called CrashPlan. CrashPlan will keep your computer backed up in real time, work both on and off campus (for laptops users), and can email you if your back up is not working. For pricing and more details please contact computer support at 294-0384 or email cvmsupport@iastate.edu.

What is the policy for computer and peripheral disposal? Leaving the university?

Can I get information on creating a website?

  • Who: Any ISU student, faculty, or staff member.
  • Where: ISU provides a "locker" on their server where you can "store" your own web pages. ISU's server "hosts" your page so that others can see it on the World Wide Web. (more info)
  • Why: A web page can provide others easy access to your resume, professional activities, research, or other interests.
  • How:
    • Basic web page design and development courses are given by the university.
    • ISU's Information Technologies Center on campus also provides courses on campus.
    • Online resources can be found at:
      • A Beginner's Guide to HTML
      • Web Page Style Guide

Who are the local internet service providers?