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Mobile Computing Initiative

Faculty at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine want to provide you the best education possible. They realize that today information technology is an essential tool for veterinarians just like a stethoscope has been. Our faculty are implementing valuable new teaching techniques and methods in the classroom. Some examples:

  • Real time polling to gauge student learning in a lecture
  • Virtual microscope slides that allow more portability and easier discussion
  • In class access to extensive online resources
  • Color images of relevant anatomy or disease examples
  • Digital movies of patients and procedures
  • Use of digital ink to take notes on instructors presentations
  • Audio files for feedback on student work

The wealth of digital veterinary information and the advantages of portable computers combined with wireless networking have led us to conclude that these tools are an essential part of the veterinary educational process at Iowa State University. That is why we began in the fall of 2006 requiring all students entering the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine to purchase a mobile computer through a college-negotiated bulk purchasing agreement. This year, the computer purchased is the Fujitsu T901. The total cost of this computer, including tax, the Microsoft® Office® suite, and the external USB drive will be $2500.00.

Itemized Costs:

Fujitsu Tablet Computer with cloud backup solution
Microsoft® Office® Suite: $70.00
Sales Tax: 165.00
Total: $2550.00

The T902 tablet includes the following:

  • 4 year warranty, including drop protection (See Warranty Information for warranty detail)
  • 1 year battery warranty
  • Intel Core i5 Processor 2.4 GHz
  • 4 Gigabytes RAM
  • 320 GB HD
  • Modular DVD-RW combo optical drive
  • Standard External Ports and Expansion Slots
  • Internal Modem, Ethernet LAN, and Wireless networking adapter (a,b,g, n) with dual diversity antennas
  • 6-cell lithium ion battery
  • Microsoft OneNote Software
  • Full laptop plus tablet functionality

A complete description of the system can be found at System Configuration and Order Information. Accessories (such as a port replicator and extra batteries) are not included in the purchase. If you desire additional accessories, you can purchase them directly from Fujitsu during the order process in late May early June 2012.

Why do I have to buy this specific computer model?

You may already own a mobile computer, leading you to wonder why you should be required to invest in a new one. This computer will become part of your every day learning environment, just like your textbooks or class notes. Because we view your tablet computer as an essential piece of educational equipment, we are committed to ensuring that you are fully supported by the College's Computer Services. Unfortunately, it would not be feasible to provide optimal support for multiple computer makes and models.

How will I be charged for this computer? Will financial aid be available?

After you are admitted to the ISUCVM, a charge for $2500.00 (or whatever the cost was after modifying the order) will be placed on your University Bill for the Fall Semester. As an entering VM student, the cost of the computer has already been factored into the financial aid award offer which you will receive in May detailing the financial aid which you are eligible to receive.

What about printing?

Currently there are a number of high speed laser printers (both color and black & white) available for students to print to in the college. Student computer fee money is used to help pay for the printers, paper and toner.

Will I have internet access?

All of our major classrooms and many of the public spaces in the college have wireless network connections. All students can access the network and the internet through these connections.

If you have any questions regarding the mobile computing initiative, please contact Josh Mack, Director of Information Technology.  He can be reached by email jcmack@iastate.edu or phone 515-294-1359.