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Office of Curricular and Student Assessment

Scientists understand that advances in understanding occur when important questions are addressed using systematic, theory based, scientific processes of inquiry. Throughout the veterinary college many scientists are constantly employing these processes to find answers to important questions involving diseases, therapies, and other important questions related to veterinary medicine. Our office is part of this effort. We employ systematic scientific processes to understand the relationship between the college's curricular practices and the knowledge and skills our students gain. As a result of our educational research and diagnostic efforts, the college will gain the information it needs to be acknowledged as one of the world's best educational institutions in veterinary medicine.

Scientific assessment of student outcomes provides the college with the following specific benefits:

  • Improved decision-making effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improved ability to recruit students and resources
  • Data for external accrediting groups
  • Opportunities for research in Veterinary Medical Education

To find out more about how the assessment office helping provide specific information for curricular improvement, visit the Excellence in Education section or the Assessment Reports section (ISUCVM access only.)