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The Instructional Services unit provides faculty with a central source of support for a variety of interactive technologies for use in the veterinary curriculum and beyond. It utilizes the combined talents of all the IT & Educational faculty and staff to work as a team to complete projects that involve multimedia and instructional design. Our mission statement is "Quality Information Anytime Anywhere." Our goals are to:

  1. Assist faculty in putting educational theory into practice
  2. Provide a leadership role in the research and development of new technology applications within the College
  3. Assist faculty, staff, and students with the application of technology solutions to specific learning problems, and
  4. Promote the use of instructional design and the use of technology to enhance learning.

To do this, we provide the necessary equipment, and computer hardware and software resources that are needed to implement technology solutions. In addition, we provide training opportunities through the use of seminars and workshops on instructional design and the use of instructional technologies to enhance learning. We also provide one-on-one assistance to faculty, staff, and students for their instructional needs. Our services include lesson design consulting, authoring assistance, hands-on multimedia software training, video editing, image file management and a variety of image scanning and disc recording processes are offered on a walk-in basis.