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Mobile Computing Initiative


ISU/UNL College of Veterinary Medicine Mobile Computing Initiative
February 2012
Faculty at Iowa State University (ISU) and University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) want to provide you the best education possible. They realize that today information technology is an essential tool for veterinarians.  Our faculty members are implementing valuable new teaching techniques and methods in the classroom. Some examples include:
  • Real time polling to gauge student learning in a lecture
  • Virtual microscope slides that allow more portability and easier discussion
  • In class access to extensive online resources
  • Digital movies of patients and procedures
  • Use of digital ink to take notes on instructors' presentations
  • Access to classroom capture files for lecture review
  • Enterprise wireless in our classrooms
  • Real time collaborative note sharing
The wealth of digital veterinary information and the advantages of portable computers combined with wireless networking have led us to conclude that these tools are an essential part of the veterinary education process.  That is why all students entering the College of Veterinary Medicine are required to purchase a mobile computer through a college-negotiated bulk purchasing agreement. 
Specific information on the basic computer and possible options will be available at a later date. The cost for the standard model computer will be $2500; additional options will require an extra charge.  The $2500 includes Instructional Technology (IT) support for only that computer.
Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions concerning the required computer purchase.
Why do I have to buy this specific computer model?
You may already own a mobile computer, leading you to wonder why you should be required to invest in a new one. This computer will become part of your everyday learning environment, just like your textbooks or class notes. Because we view your tablet computer as an essential piece of educational equipment, we are committed to ensuring that you are fully supported by the College's Academic IT Unit. Our technical staff is trained to support this computer type, and it is not feasible to provide optimal support for multiple computer makes and models.
How will I be charged for this computer? Will financial aid be available?
When your tuition and fees are assessed, a standard model computer fee of $2500 plus additional add-on component costs, if those are selected, will be placed on your University Bill (U-bill) for the Fall 2012 Semester.  As an entering VM student, the cost of the computer has already been factored into the financial aid award offer which you will receive in May detailing the financial aid which you are eligible to receive.
What about printing?
Currently at ISU there are a number of  printers (both color and black & white) available in the college for students to use.  Student computer fee funds are used to partially pay for the printers and the paper and toner.  Each student will receive a credit towards printing at the beginning of the fall semester.  If you use all of your credit any additional charges will be billed to your U-bill. 
Will I have internet access?
At ISU, all of our major classrooms and many of the public spaces in the veterinary college and throughout the campus have high speed wireless access. All students can access the network and the internet through these connections.