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Strong Student Performance

Detailed Reports: Annually the Office of Curricular and Student Assessment prepares detailed reports regarding our students' performance as measured by available measures such as the NAVLE, Qualifying Exam, Surveys (Senior Exit, Alumni, and Employer), and other relevant measures. Those reports are available to the ISUCVM community within VetZone and can be accessed here. For those outside of the ISUCVM community, a few highlights of ISUCVM student and alumni performance follow:


The North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) pass rates: Our students are well prepared for boards. Since 2000, ISU students' pass rate on the NAVLE has been 95% or greater for 11 out of 13 years, with our pass rate equaling or exceeding the national overall pass rate for 9 out of 13 years. 


ISUCVM NAVLE Pass rates (Since 2001):

2001 - 99%

2002 - 100%

2003 - 93%

2004 - 98%

2005 - 96%

2006 - 93%

2007 - 95%

2008 - 97%

2009 - 99%

2010 - 99%

2011 - 97%

2012 - 97%

2013 - 98%


Alumni Reports: ISU alumni highly value their ISU experience, feeling well prepared to function as veterinarians, as illustrated by the following representative comments:


      “It was a well rounded education! The surgical skills I gained and the exposure I had to surgery is better than graduates from most other schools.”


      “Most of the professors were very willing to help you and make sure you understand. They were available outside of the classroom when needed.”


      “Excellent surgical training, solid medicine skills, accessibility of staff and teachers.”


      “It was broadly comprehensive. Junior Surgery has been invaluable to my career!”


      “Dedicated teachers.”


      “Well rounded. I thought that the 3rd year was very good in preparing me for general practice.”


      “Ability to be very active in the clinics even as a 1, 2, or 3rd year student through AAEP, LAICU, etc, also the ability to tailor my 4th year to my interests.”


      “Hands on surgery labs”


      “Excellent core classes . . .”


      “Faculty and staff that cared enough to take extra time from their schedules. Smaller class sizes were beneficial for surgery lab.”


Banfield, The Pet Hospital Reports: Banfield is the largest private vet hospital in the world with more than 1500 veterinarians providing services in 690 hospitals. Each year, this employer publishes a report of ISUCVM employees as compared to all Banfield employees. As seen below, ISUCVM graduates compare very favorably with their colleagues from other institutions.






Revenue Generated: ISU

 Other Banfield Employees







Compensation Earned: ISU

 Other Banfield Employees







Client Satisfaction: ISU

Other Banfield Employees







Medical Reviews: ISU

Other Banfield Employees








Employer Comments: The employers of ISU CVM graduates are surveyed at the conclusion of the first year of employment. The following is a small sample of the reasons our graduates’ employers overwhelmingly indicate that they would hire another ISUCVM graduate:


      Small animal surgery skills were great.


      strong surgical preparation


      This graduate was able to do a lot of things quite early.


      Excellent knowledge base. Basic skills are very good.


      Client communication, and human animal bond were strong points


      In a General practice setting I think she's well prepared


      I feel that ISU has the best soft tissue surgery course of any college in the nation


      Surgery skills and overall understanding of veterinary medicine very impressive.


      Good general knowledge & skill level, very good attitude.


      Understands/excels basic knowledge of medicine, surgery, very good interpersonal skills.”