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International Requirements

We sincerely appreciate your interest in Iowa State University! The information given below provides additional instructions regarding application procedures specifically for nonimmigrant international applicants.

Application Form

Foreign applicants applying from outside the U.S. must complete equivalent preveterinary academic requirements and must follow the same application process as all other applicants.  Under “permanent address,” please use your address in your home country; a foreign address is required by the U.S. government for visa issuance purposes.

The application fee for nonimmigrant applicants is $95. Please disregard any reference to an application fee of $75; that is the fee required of U.S. citizens and immigrants.

Transcripts and Course Descriptions

Official academic records of all university-level coursework are required. That means that the academic record must bear an original stamp or seal and signature of the school officer responsible for issuing official academic records. Photocopies, notarized copies, and copies verified by other schools are not accepted.

Foreign secondary school records may also be required if advanced standing credits are requested to meet any of the prerequisite course requirements. College level credits are awarded for some national secondary school leaving examinations, i.e. British GCSE Advanced Levels, German Abiturprufung, International Baccalaureate Higher Levels, etc.

Foreign applicants must have completed the required coursework either at a U.S. college or university that has regional accreditation, or at a foreign university that is recognized by the Ministry of Education in that country. If completed at a foreign institution, detailed course descriptions or syllabi of all coursework is required.

Entrance Examination Requirements

Nonnative English speakers are required to present a TOEFL score of 600 (PBT), 100 (IBT), or IELTS 7.0 at the time that they apply. Information about these examinations can be obtained at www.TOEFL.org or www.IELTS.org. Applicants with scores below the minimum will not be given consideration. Students who have graduated from U.S. institutions may be exempted from the English examination requirement at the discretion of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Graduate Records Examination (GRE) (Use GRE Code 6315 - Do not use GRE Code 6306): The Graduate Record Exam General Test is required for application to the College of Veterinary Medicine.  Both the old GRE or the new revised GRE will be accepted.  GRE scores must be received by October 2, 2014.

.  More information can be found on the GRE website at www.GRE.org.

Financial Certification Requirements

The "Undergraduate Financial Statement" should be used to document your ability to cover all educational and living expenses for the duration of the four-year program of study. Please return the form with your other application materials. You can download the form at http://www.admissions.iastate.edu/apply/pdf/intl_finstate.pdf. There is no financial aid available for nonimmigrant international applicants. An estimate of annual expenses is given below.  

 Estimated Annual Expenses



Academic Year

Tuition/Fees $45,851
Room & Meals 8,275
Books/Supplies 1,042
Medical/Dental* 1,630
Transportation 575
Personal Expenses 1,790
Laptop Computer** 2,550
Total Expenses*** $61,713


*Includes medical, dental, optical, and prescription expenses not covered by insurance; laundry; toiletries, clothing, and some meals. Students bringing spouses must document an additional $9,000 annually; an additional $5,151 for the first child, and add $2,000 for each additional child.

**Required of all veterinary students.

***Single students planning to remain in the US over the summer should plan an additional $3,500 to cover additional living expenses.

(University fees are subject to change without notice by the State Board of Regents. Tuition, room, meals, and health insurance fees usually increase annually.)


Last updated 4/10/2014