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Awards and Recognitions

A Tradition of Excellence

"We are stewards of a profession which should be an important factor in our economic life and it is entitled to our best thought and effort."

Charles H. Stange, DVM
Former Dean of the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine, 1909-1936

For more than three decades, Iowa State University has bestowed the Stange Award as the premier recognition given to veterinary medical alumni. The recipients are recognized for outstanding professional achievements in education, government, industry, practice or other professional endeavors in veterinary medicine.

Just as Dr. Charles Stange made significant contributions to multiple facets of the profession, the award named in his memory recognizes individuals for outstanding professional achievements that advance the veterinary medical profession.

Stange Award Recipient Roll of Honor:

The following individuals will receive the Stange Award for the year 2014. The year following each person's name is the year of his/her graduation.

Dr. Joel K. Elmquist ('92) Dr. Janet C. Garber ('76) Dr. Marcus Kehrli ('82)

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The William Switzer Award:

The William P. Switzer Award was created in 1998 to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to society and to the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine. Nominees may be veterinarians or non-veterinarians, alumni or non-alumni. In addition to professional achievements, these individuals will also have had an association with the College that has made a positive impact for teaching, research or service.

The Switzer Award was named to honor an ISU researcher who made major contributions to our understanding of swine respiratory diseases. Dr. William P. Switzer served as a faculty member and administrator in the College of Veterinary Medicine from 1948 until he retired as Distinguished Professor Emeritus in 1990.

The following individual has been recognized as the 2014 William P. Switzer Award recipient.

Dr. Richard Ross ('59)

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Nomination Forms and Recognition Events:

An Alumni and Faculty Awards Committee manages the nomination process for both the Stange and Switzer Awards. Nomination are due by February 15 so that recipients can be selected by spring, for recognition at Homecoming events in the fall. For more information about the process, please contact: Tracy Ann Raef.

Download nomination form

Recipients of the Stange Award and the Switzer Award are recognized on Homecoming weekend during an Honors and Awards Ceremony that includes the most accomplished alumni from each of Iowa State's eight colleges. The president of Iowa State University presents the awards, and the Iowa State University Alumni Association sponsors this program.

A college awards program is also scheduled on Homecoming weekend so that former classmates, past awardees, faculty and others can celebrate the accomplishments and accolades of Stange and Switzer awards recipients. The Stange recognition is given in cooperation with the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association at Iowa State University.