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Scholarships/Gift Impact

Since 1995, the number and total dollar value of scholarships awarded to students in Iowa State's College of Veterinary Medicine have increased. In 1995 the College awarded 145 scholarships, while in 2002, 271 awards were made with a total dollar value of $337,000.

Alumni and friends of the College have generously endowed scholarships over the years to provide support in perpetuity for College students. With endowed scholarships a portion of the annual earnings provides the awards. Increasing tuition and other educational costs mean the need continues for more dollars for scholarships. The current goal for the College is to increase scholarship endowments by $1 million annually.

Named endowed scholarships may be established with a minimum of $25,000 contributed with a one-time gift or pledge over a number of years. Endowments may also be established through one's estate plans with the funds being available after the donor's lifetime. The College works with the donor to establish the criteria for the award within established guidelines.

Annual scholarships may also be established with the contribution to provide the award donated each year. Annual scholarships allow many College students to reach their educational goals at Iowa State.