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Results of the Diagnostic Pathfinder Evaluations

Our research indicates that using the Diagnostic Pathfinder to teach evidence-based diagnostic reasoning results in highly significant gains in learning. A mulit-year study involving 507 participants, (Danielson, Bender, Mills, Vermeer, and Lockee, 2003) showed that students who used the Diagnostic Pathfinder to learn diagnostic problem solving scored significantly better on a case-based final exam than those who did not. Similar empirical gains have since been demonstrated at two other colleges of veterinary medicine (Bender, Danielson, Mills, Vermeer, & Preast, ; Danielson et al.). Additionally, qualitative data collected at all five colleges of veterinary medicine where the Diagnostic Pathfinder has been implemented show that faculty and students overwhelmingly indicate that the Pathfinder improves learning (Danielson, Bender, Mills, Vermeer, & Preast, in press.)

Study Summaries