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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program: Preliminary Application

Below you will find the Preliminary Application Form which begins the application process to the graduate program in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Once you have submitted this Preliminary Application Form, our Graduate Program Coordinator and our Director of Graduate Education will review your information.  You will receive notification of their decision within two weeks of submitting this form (usually within 2-3 business days).

Please DO NOT go through the formal application process with Iowa State University until you have heard our decision on your application. Our decision will be either "We are interested in your application, please apply with the University" or "We are not interested in your application at this time." If you receive approval on your preliminary application, you will be given information on how to proceed with the formal admissions process.

We have implemented this process for your benefit.  This way you will only be required to pay the university application fee ($60 for domestic applicants, $100 for international applicants) when/if you formally apply after hearing if we are interested in having you as a graduate student.  All the information submitted in this form is completely confidential and will be used exclusively for our department's review process.  We will not sell or otherwise distribute your personal information.

Before filling out the application, please note that our department has set requirements for graduate students.  All applicants must have a GRE score (professional school exam scores can be substituted for the non-thesis program), but there is no minimum score requirement.  GRE Subject Exams are not required.  All international applicants must have a TOEFL or IELTS score, and the minimum score requirements are as follows: iBT 79, CBT 240, PBT 550, and IELTS 6.5.  Also, Iowa State University requires that all graduate students have a minimum GPA equivalant to a 3.0/4.0.

The application deadline for full consideration for fall 2014 assistantships for the MS/PhD program is February 1, 2014. Applications are accepted year round if funding is available. The deadline for fall 2014 admission to the Non-Thesis Master of Science program is May 1, 2014. It can take up to several weeks for your formal application to be processed by the university, so it is best that you have completed this preliminary application form by the beginning of January.

If you have questions or encounter problems, please contact: 

Director of Graduate Education for the Department of Biomedical Sciences,
Dr. Richard Martin


Prelimimary Application Form

(Family Name)

(We will only use this information to contact you with our decision on your application.)

(Home Country)

(If you have not yet graduated, please list your expected graduation date.)

(If you have not yet graduated, please list your expected graduation date.)

(You may select more than one.)

(We will accept professional school exam scores instead, please write your scores in the "Other" box.)

(subject test scores, MCAT scores, etc)

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When an applicant is admitted to a graduate program, large monetary and time obligations are accepted by a department. It is in the best interest of the university, therefore, to accept qualified candidates who honestly intend to complete a graduate program. To achieve this very important goal we would like your formal expression of intent to complete an advanced degree in this department, should we admit you as a graduate student. Frequently, we receive applications from individuals who view graduate study as an interim occupation while attempting admission to the professional curriculum in veterinary medicine. Past experience has been that some of these individuals irrevocably terminate their graduate program if they are admitted to the professional curriculum. Please indicate your intent by marking the appropriate option below. (Note that this action may affect the evaluation of your graduate application.)