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*When you donate online, we automatically match you with an animal, unless otherwise noted on the donation form.





Your Plan


The College of Veterinary Medicine's Development Office encourages alumni, friends and clients to contact us with gift ideas or questions. We look forward to working with you and your advisors to learn more about how your philanthropic goals align with college priorities. We also encourage donors to consider the ways they would like to leave a legacy and how the creation of new scholarships, faculty, and program endowments allow us to achieve excellence now, and in the future.

Make a Gift

Making charitable gifts online is quickly becoming a very popular method of providing support. Click below to access the ISU Foundation's Web site with Web pages specific to giving to the College of Veterinary Medicine. This is a secure Web site.

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Making A Difference

An Impact on Students

Iowa State’s veterinary school is full of tremendous opportunity. I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship this year to help cover the expenses of going to professional school. This gift means a lot to me because not only does it alleviate some of the costs of school, but also it shows that established veterinarians and donors have faith in the next generation of doctors.

Donor Stories

Things Come Back: CH Callaway's Cumulus

Four years ago, CH Callaway’s Cumulus wasn’t showing. He wasn’t even trotting. He was struggling through a diagnosis that left both his owners’ dreams and his life hanging in the balance.

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