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Course Requirements

As the Veterinary Law & Ethics is a fully-online course, a broadband Internet connection is required. Videos and class content will be delivered using Adobe Flash, so it is a requirement that you have this software installed on your system. Handouts in the course are delivered in PDF format. As such, you need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader installed to view them.

Veterinary Law & Ethics

About the Course:

The online Veterinary Law & Ethics course provides an in-depth study of legal and ethical matters applicable to the veterinary profession. Using real-world examples, it is designed for veterinarians, practice managers/owners and veterinary students.

Research Ethics

Iowa State University is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge while upholding high standards of integrity.

Researchers affiliated with the College of Veterinary Medicine are expected to follow the professional policies and procedures as described in the ISU Faculty Handbook.

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