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humane euthanasia

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 Brochure     (English)     (Spanish)     updated:01/28/2013

 High Quality Brochure for Printing     (English)     (Spanish)     updated:01/28/2013


Wall Chart (11 X 17 inch)

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Unacceptable Methods of Euthanasia

The following is a partial list of methods considered as “unacceptable” for euthanasia of livestock:

Confirmation of Death

Regardless of the method of euthanasia used, death must be confirmed before disposal of the animal. The following should be used to evaluate consciousness or confirm death.

Anatomical Landmarks

Cattle             Sheep & Goats             Llamas             Swine             Horses             Deer


Indications for Euthanasia

Livestock owners and others who derive all or a portion of their livelihood from animal agriculture share a moral obligation to ensure the welfare of animals. Therefore, when disease or injury conditions arise that diminish quality of life or create pain and suffering that cannot be effectively relieved by medical means, euthanasia is indicated. 

Examples include the following:

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