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Comments & Testimonials from People that Completed the Course


Dear Jim,
I agree with your statement in the online course that the One Health Initiative is an important step in the direction of preventing and managing all diseases including the zoonotic ones. For that reason, we veterinarians will become more linked to the human health arena in the future than in the past. As indicated in the course, this will force us be ever more cautious recording information about our clients’ health along with the records of the animal patients we are treating. I plan to attend the AAVSB conference and am sorry you will not be there. I will be glad to talk to other Board members from around the country and tell them how much I enjoyed your course and how relevant and useful it will be for CE as well as part of an effort to improve the compliance and quality of veterinary medicine by our licensees. We have already decided to direct some of our licensees to take at least part of the course to help correct deficiencies in record keeping. I will make an effort to review the revised material and give you additional feedback whenever you need it. Thanks for allowing me to take the course.
Chris H. Runde, DVM, President, Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. July 2011


Dr. Wilson,
Thank you once again for affording me the opportunity to take your class. As an AAHA practice, we follow your recommendations and put copies of pharmacy labels in the record. We also ask the owners to sign the record copy as they are handed the medication. We have had people deny receiving medications and demand refunds or free refills. Once we started the signatures this stopped. We also use your ideas regarding pre- made handouts for many common procedures such as spays, dentals and tumor removals. They are reviewed on discharge of the patient and the owner is asked to initial them, after which copies are placed in the record. As a Maryland Board member, I obviously find the record keeping section of your course of great interest. We have seen cases where better records would have likely helped the veterinarian. I also found the section on how to behave when dealing with colleagues of great interest. In the course of reviewing state board cases, we have seen colleagues behave less than admirably toward their neighbors. I plan on using the knowledge gleaned from your course to help me in my practice as well as by becoming a more valuable Maryland State Veterinary Board member. If I can be ever be of assistance to you in the evolution of this course, please do not hesitate to ask.
David Handel, DVM CVA CCRP Board Member, Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. September 2011

This course was a great way to learn about the many things that can go wrong with veterinary practice where staff members are not crossing their "t's" and dotting their "i's." I found ALL of the information extremely useful for my position as Hospital Director.
Kim Burrus, Hospital Director at Cairo Animal Hospital. Highland Park, IL. May-2011 VHMA CVPM Candidate

I think that every person in the veterinary industry should be required to view the modules relating to medical records as well as the "Paw and Order" video so that we can hammer home the extreme value of accurate record keeping and be respectful of lab testing procedures and client communications.
Kim Burrus, Hospital Director at Cairo Animal Hospital. Highland Park, IL May 2011 VHMA CVPM Candidate

What you don’t know can hurt you, and will. Dr. Wilson’s Veterinary Law and Ethics course is one of a kind and delivers valuable information no veterinary professional should be without. The material is presented with user friendly technology allowing you to pace the program to fit your learning style and schedule. Content is revealed with real world examples including veterinary case discussion, legal events, and historical news coverage along with handouts and various other presentation media to keep the course dynamic and engaging.
Michael Jerva, Practice Manager, Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital, 257 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011. VHMA CVPM Candidate June 2011

Having worked as a manager of a multi doctor small animal practice in New York City for years, I’ve experienced an extremely diverse and creative cross section of clients, including some very well-educated and litigious members of our society. The world is a brutal place regardless of your good natured personality and intent as a veterinarian. The knowledge and discussion provided in this course will prepare you to practice smart medicine, where your hard-earned license will be yours to keep.
Michael Jerva, Practice Manager, Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital, 257 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011. VHMA CVPM Candidate July 2011


I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to complete the online Veterinary Law and Ethics distance that was offered by Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. James Wilson. I learned so much from each and every section of the course that I am now confident that when school is finished I will not only have the knowledge necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, I will also have the wisdom necessary to acquire a position as an associate veterinarian and the integrity and savvy necessary to build a strong client base with excellent staff and a profitable practice while serving as a valuable member of my community as well as the veterinary profession.
Cynthia Miller, 2nd year veterinary student, Mississippi State. May 2011

Having completed the online veterinary law and ethics course, I will never make a moral- ethical- legal decision in a vacuum. Moreover, I now have notes and references to other resources that can be relied on for me to make better thought-out decisions. Best of all, I think I now know how to potentially manipulate a bad client to make them into a better/good one.
Cynthia Miller, 2nd year veterinary student, Mississippi State. May 2011


I now understand some of the complexities that my words and actions have on the lives of my clients and other veterinarians in my community as well as a better understanding of how not to proceed when tough moral, ethical and legal issues arise. Additionally, I understand the value of “medical care plans” as opposed to “estimates.”
Cynthia Miller, 2nd year veterinary student, Mississippi State. May 2011

I learned that it is vital to inform clients when the estimated cost of care has been reached, renegotiate their contract for services and document the discussion so that a new contract is formed and we will be able to get paid for our services. I also learned that the first thing you do with an angry client is to listen, and that it is not a bad thing to say that you are sorry.
Cynthia Miller, 2nd year veterinary student, Mississippi State. May 2011

I completed the online law and ethics course during sixth semester during the spring of 2011. I am a huge supporter of the program being in video format online. Veterinary law and ethics is an important topic and unfortunately many students don't realize that. The content in all of the videos is well explained and the organization of the supplementary materials is superb.
Randall Trzaska, 6th semester St. George’s University student. April 2011

Hi Dr. Wilson,
I finished the online course and I can't tell you enough how great it was! I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to pilot it for Washington State University and will be proactive and in communication with Dr. DeBowes and Dean Slinker in getting this instilled in our curriculum. I thank you for this opportunity. I certainly learned a ton and feel so much better prepared for life in practice. Great vision you had-you're truly making a different in our education.
Misti Nuxoll 2011 NVBMA Marketing Chair, Washington State University Vet Med Class of 2012 August 2011

The things I learned that will help me succeed personally and professionally as a result of new ideas or material in the course included the importance of keeping immaculate accurate records, thorough communication, having a good lawyer, having personal and professional accountability, not burning bridges with colleagues, and the value of law in our profession.
Kristen Britton, 2012 NVBMA President, Washington State University Vet Med Class of 2013

I found the section on ethics and etiquette very helpful in terms of keeping actions in perspective when dealing with business and personal aspects of veterinary medicine.
Priya Desoyza, Cornell University CVM Class

The contract unit is extremely beneficial. I don’t believe we as students are exposed to this material in any other setting or class in vet school. It also gives a good starting point to have the knowledge basis to not be intimidated to further our education in this subject matter on our own. Great section!!
Josh Barker, Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2013


Every module in this course is excellent and teaches or reinforces a very valuable principle. While we all know the importance of client communication and records, this course and the examples used in it, really drove this point home. Every veterinary student should complete this course prior to graduation. The knowledge and information in this course is invaluable not only to student’s future but also to protecting the profession.
Ashley Craig, 2011 NVBMA President, Tuskeegee University College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2011

Course Requirements

As the Veterinary Law & Ethics is a fully-online course, a broadband Internet connection is required. Videos and class content will be delivered using Adobe Flash, so it is a requirement that you have this software installed on your system. Handouts in the course are delivered in PDF format. As such, you need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader installed to view them.

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