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Course Requirements

As the Veterinary Law & Ethics is a fully-online course, a broadband Internet connection is required. Videos and class content will be delivered using Adobe Flash, so it is a requirement that you have this software installed on your system. Handouts in the course are delivered in PDF format. As such, you need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader installed to view them.

You may test both the speed of your Internet connection and your Flash installation by visiting the Course Samples page and viewing one of the lectures available there. If those videos play smoothly, you should have no problems in the actual course. If your Internet browser indicates that Adobe Flash is not installed or needs to be updated, please follow the prompts to complete that. If the videos do not play smoothly, please try another Internet browser. If the issues persist, please contact our distance education unit. We will do what we can to assist with software issues, but hardware issues (i.e. Internet connection speed or slow computer) are not something we can address.



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