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The ISU VDL Serology Laboratories perform in excess of 550,000 antibody assays per year.

Results from these assays are used to:

  • monitor herd health for day-to-day production companies
  • assure flock health for poultry companies
  • qualify animals for international sales
  • assist veterinarians in their diagnostic approaches for companion animals
  • build methods for continuous improvement of assay performance
  • facilitate business decisions in livestock enterprises
  • train veterinary students in assay interpretation
Our research and development team members:
  • collaborate with other universities and stakeholders
  • discover new specimens for detecting antibodies
  • validate of new veterinary assays or assay platforms
  • assist clients in sampling methods
  • provide technical support for the serologic assays
  • create new diagnostic approaches
  • develop improved methods for sample handling

 Export Best Practices

See Factsheet here on export testing guidelines.

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Dr. David Baum
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Dr. David Baum, 
     Section Leader

Dr. Tanja Opriessnig
Dr. Luis Gimenez-Lirola
Suzanne Block
Patrick Emge 
Theresa Gard
Sheila Heinen
Erin Kalkwarf
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