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The VDL is introducing a new serologic assay for accessing the APP status of swine herds.  The test is called the Mix APP ELISA Screen.   The test actually consists of three separate ELISA assays.  Each of the three ELISAs contains multiple APP antigens.  The antigens used on the ELISA plates are the same long chain lipopolysaccharides developed by Dr Marcello Gottschalk.   The ELISA plates are configured with the following antigenic makeup:

APP 1-2-9-11
APP 3-6-8-15
APP 4-5-7

The test will offer specificity comparable to the Compliment Fixation (CF) test currently conducted at the VDL while providing dramatically improved sensitivity over the CF assay.  The assay is offered as an alternative to the Multi-APP Screening ELISA conducted at GREMIP in Montreal.  While the Mix APP ELISA does not screen for all APP serotypes (missing serotypes 10, 12, 13, and 14).  It does offer identification of specific serotypes by ELISA grouping a definite advantage over the Multi-APP Screening ELISA.  

Results will be interpreted based on the following guidelines:

  APP 1-2-9-11 APP 3-6-8-15 APP 4-5-7
Negative S:P ratios <0.33 S:P ratios <0.30 S:P ratios <0.35
Suspect 0.33 < S:P ratios <0.5  0.30 < S:P ratios <0.5  0.35 < S:P ratios <0.5 
Positive S:P ratios >0.50 S:P ratios >0.50 S:P ratios >0.50



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Dr. David Baum
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