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Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

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Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Testing and Research at Iowa State 

For clinical trial support and development of innovative research opportunities, provision of expertise in interpretation and application of diagnostic tools, and consultation for intervention and follow-up testing options, Drs. Alex Rameriz, Tim Frana, and Phil Gauger are available to assist.  Dr. David Baum, section leader in Serology and Joann Kinyon, section leader in Bacteriology, Matt Raymond, microbiologist, and Dr. Chris Minion, Mycoplasma expert and molecular microbiologist in VMPM are also integral members of this team.

  • Serology - The Serology Section of the VDL currently performs the IDEXX, Oxoid (formerly DAKO) and Tween 20 M. hyopneumoniae ELISAs as regular tests.
  • PCR - The Molecular Section of the VDL will continue to offer their current M. hyopneumoniae PCR as well as the assays previously performed in the Thacker laboratory.
  • Culture and identification of Mycoplasma species from swine, cattle, dairy, small ruminants, poultry and companion animals will be conducted in the Bacteriology Section of the VDL.
  • Lung inoculum for M. hyopneumoniae strain 232 will continue to be produced and provided upon request.
  • Reagents previously offered through the Thacker lab such as monoclonal antibodies and components for the Tween 20 ELISA will continue to be produced and available for purchase through the VDL.
  • Expertise concerning diagnostic investigations and test interpretation remains available.
  • Research collaborations with partners from industry and academia are welcome and ongoing.

Contact Dr. Frana or Dr. Gauger at 515-294-1950.



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