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Submission Fee

A $10 submission fee is assessed on each case.

Testing Schedule

Our goal is to provide accurate results and timely service. However, many diagnostic assays are not performed daily and/or testing schedules may change. If your case involves testing animals for export, testing show animals, testing animals to be sold, and/or testing a large number of samples, please contact the VDL (515-294-1950) prior to submission to verify the availability and turnaround time of specific assays. A phone call will often shorten turnaround time by allowing us time to prepare for testing prior to receipt of samples.

Fees are subject to change without notice.



Submission Guidelines

Export Testing Guidelines

User Guide

Printable Fee schedule


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  FEE     updated 9/2015
Submission fee each case $10.00     
Environmental surcharge 1% of total (not including submission fee)
Report by FAX per transmission $1.00    
Handling charge for leaky package $25.00    
Bacteria isolate 
     Slant preparation $30.00   
     Slant saved at ISU VDL $5.00  
     Slant shipped $10 - 25.00  
     Bacterial slant $10 - 25.00  
     Virus $75.00 - plus $30.00 if virus needs to be propagated 
     Forwarding of samples to outside lab $10 - 20.00  


Bacterial isolation and identification  
  $25.00 1st sample
$5.00 > 1 sample
Bacterial susceptibility testing       
Border disease
     FA $13.00      
     VI $25.00      
     B. abortus/suis BAPA $1.00   M-F same day serum
     B. abortus/suis card $2.00 M-F same day serum
     B. abortus/suis RIV $1.00 M-F same day serum
     B. ovis CF (NVSL) $18.00  contact NVSL   serum
     B. ovis ELISA (NVSL) $18.00 contact NVSL   serum
     Bruc. SPT $2.50 M-F same day serum
     Bruc. STT $2.50 M-W 3-day test serum
Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus - CAE
     AGID $5.00 M-W-F next day serum
     cELISA $6.50  as needed same day SEE MORE INFO
Caprine herpesvirus
     PCR $30.00 as needed    
     Culture $10.00      
Chlamydia psittaci
     CF (NVSL) $18.00 contact NVSL   serum
Clostridium difficile
     Culture $15.00      
     Toxin A/B ELISA $30.00      
Clostridium perfringens 
     PCR - toxin gene typing $30.00 M, Th same day culture
Clostridium sp.
      FA $10.00      
  COMMENTS:  includes C. novyi, chauvoei, sordelli, septicum
     Culture $15.00      
E. coli
     PCR - genotyping $45.00 M, Th same day culture
Epizootic hemorrhagic disease - EHD
     AGID $5.00   M-Th 24-hour test serum
     CF (NVSL) $18.00 contact NVSL   serum
     VN (NVLS) $14.00 contact NVSL   serum
     Culture $25.00 1st sample
$10.00 <1 sample
     Biopsy $20.00      
     Histo slide $7.00      
     Special stains $15.00      
Influenza B virus
     AgELISA $18.00 M, W, F    
Johne's - Mycobacterium paratuberculosis - SEE JOHNE'S DISEASE INFO
     AGID (NVSL)   contact NVSL   serum
     CF (NVSL) $18.00     serum
     PCR (individual or
$30.00 M, Th same day feces
Lepto - Leptospira interrogans
     IHC $15.00 as needed    
     MAT 5 serovars $5.50   T, Th same day serum
  5 serovars = canicola, ictero, grippo, pomona, hardjo
     MAT 6 serovars $6.00   T, Th same day serum
  6 serovars = canicola, ictero, grippo, pomona, hardjo, bratislava
     PCR $30.00 T, F 1-2 days placenta, kidney, urine
     PCR - hardjo-bovis $30.00 as needed    
     Enrichment culture $20.00      
     IHC $15.00 as needed    
Malignant catarrhal fever - MCF
     IPT (NVSL) $16.00 contact NVSL    
     PCR $30.00 M, Th    
     VN (NVSL) $14.00 contact NVSL    
Moraxella bovis/bovoculi/ovis
     PCR $30.00 T, F same day eye swab
Mycobacterium paratuberculosis - see Johne's
Mycoplasma bovis
     PCR $25.00 T, F 1-2 days lung, BAL, milk, joint fluid

$5.00 - fetus/embryo
$10.00 - juvenile/adult

Ovine progressive pneumonia - OPP
     AGID $5.00 M-W-F same day serum

$15.00 1-5 samples
$7.50 6-10 samples
$5.00 >10 samples

 M-Th   next business day
      Direct Smear $13.00 1-5 samples
$6.00 > 5 samples
daily   next business day
      Fecal flotation $15.00 1-5 samples
$8.00    >5 samples
daily   next business day
      McMaster float -
$15.00 1-5 samples
$7.50 6-10 samples
$5.00 > 10 samples
 daily   next business day
      Sedimentation $15.00 1-5 samples
$8.00  > 5 samples
M-Th   next business day
  ** If submitting greater than 10 fecal samples, please contact the laboratory for scheduling, price quote, and approximately turnaround time.
Parainfluenza virus type 3 - PI3
     FA $13.00 as needed same day lung
     VN $5.00 T, F 3 day test serum
Pasteurella multocida 
     PCR - toxin gene  $25.00 M, Th same day culture
Q fever - Coxiella burneitii
     CF (NVSL) $18.00 contact NVSL   serum
     FA $30.00 daily same day brain
     Emergency FA -
       weekend and 
       after hours
$130.00 as needed same day brain
Rotavirus - type A    
     AgELISA $7.00      
     IHC $15.00 as needed    
  Bacterial serogrouping $20.00      
Streptococcus suis    
     Bacterial serotyping $12.00      
     IHC $15.00 as needed    
Toxo - Toxoplasma gondii
     IHC $15.00 as needed    
     Bacterial culture $10.00      
Tritrichomonas foetus - See more info
     PCR $25.00 daily same day inoculated trich pouch, preputial wash
     Bacterial culture $10.00      
Vesicular stomatitis - VS
     cELISA (NVSL) $18.00 contact NVSL   serum
     CF (NVSL) $18.00 contact NVSL   serum
     FA $13.00      
     VN $5.00 M, W 2 day test serum


All fees subject to change without notice.