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Risk, Benefits, Science and Policy of Food


             RiskLite is a course designed to provide decision
           makers (current and future) with a level of comfort
         about the risk and science that affect the business of
      providing safe and affordable food. It is an introductory
   course that will apply risk assessment methods to real-
world food safety topics.



After completing this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Understand current food safety debates from a risk perspective
  • Know how to use risk assessments to make good decisions
  • Know food risk concerns
  • Know how to work with government regulators, customers and consumers regarding food risk issues
  • Approach recent real world food safety issues from a risk
    assessment perspective
  • Use the correct terminology for risk analysis
  • Participate as a subject matter expert on a risk assessment team
  • Better able to communicate regarding food risk issues

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Course Information


The course is available for-credit or as non-credit.

For-credit students need to register with Iowa State. Contact our distance education unit for assistance.

Credit hours: 3

Asynchronous lectures available online to all students to learn and review at your convenience

Online, Moodle-based learning platform

Please contact Dr. Scott Hurd for enrollment.

For-credit (3) on-site student: See the Iowa State graduate tuition and fee schedule

For-credit (3) distance student: See the Iowa State graduate tuition and fee schedule1

Non-credit distance student: $15882


1 An additional $400 delivery fee will be assessed

2 Download non-credit distance payment form for credit cards/checks or wire transfers