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Currently 4-veterinarian practice (1 primarily small animal, 3 primarily large animal). 60% Beef, 6% Swine, 5% Dairy, 1% Equine, 1% Sheep/Goats, 15% Canine, 10% Feline. Our small animal medicine/ surgery practice has 2 exam rooms and 1 surgery/ x-ray room and includes gas anesthesia, x-ray, ultrasound, in-house blood analysis, U/A, and fecal testing capabilities. Our large animal practice has a haul-in surgery/exam working facility, a calf ICU area, a portable ForMost chute, portable Silencer hydraulic chute, portable hydraulic tub and alley with Silencer chute. Practice Specialties include: Bovine Semen Evaluation, Bovine Embryo Transfer, Ultrasound Pregnancy Evaluation (Bovine and Swine), Bovine Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination/ Embryo Implanting, Age & Source Verification of Cattle (via AgInfoLink), CPEC/ CUP Carcass Ultrasound System, IBEX Pro Ultrasound MAchine, Cow/Calf Record System, PigChamp Record System, Small Animal Ultrasound, Small Animal Cremation. We are looking for a veterinarian who has a strong desire to practice quality and progressive veterinary medicine in a farming community. The position is primarily large animal medicine and surgery. After hours on-call duties are shared between the doctors. For more information about our community go to
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Dr. Britt Carlson, DVM
+1 (712) 225-5200
Valley Veterinary Center
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