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ISU Veterinary Medical Center expands services for avian and exotic pets

September 15, 2009
Dr. Bianca A. Zaffarano, Lloyd Veterinary Medicine Center, (515) 294-4900
Ms. Tracy Ann Raef, Veterinary Communications, (515) 294-4602


The Dr. W. Eugene and Linda Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State University announces the addition of Dr. Bianca Zaffarano to its small animal primary care clinic. Dr. Zaffarano joins the VMC following 22 years of private veterinary practice in avian and exotic animal medicine.

At the VMC, Dr. Zaffarano provides routine preventive and advanced medical and surgical care for all exotic pets, including ferrets, birds, insectivores, rabbits, turtles, rodents, and reptiles. Dr. Zaffarano also consults with clients to determine whether an exotic is the right choice for them and provides advice on how to care for the pet. She advises clients to do their homework before getting a nontraditional pet and consult a veterinarian to learn about the species’ behavior and needs. In addition to the specialized services for exotics, the VMC has separate facilities for them including separate examination rooms, special equipment and a hospital ward designed for exotics.
Dr. Zaffarano, a 1986 graduate of Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, developed her interest in avian and exotic animal medicine early in her career when she was a private practitioner in upstate New York. “A client had a sick green-cheeked conure and couldn’t find a veterinarian who could treat it,” said Dr. Zaffarano. “The client brought the bird to our clinic and we treated it.” Word spread that the clinic would see birds and it became the go-to clinic for a five-county area in New York. She has treated wallabies, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, madagascar tree geckos, and reptiles of all sorts. She has been a guest speaker and lecturer at veterinary conferences and local community groups. Dr. Zaffarano has also served as an advisor and consultant to local animal sanctuaries.
“Exotic animal medicine is a rapidly expanding, exciting young field, and I am delighted to return to my alma mater, and contribute in some small measure to the school which equipped me to enter a field that has provided me with an exciting and extremely satisfying career,” Dr. Zaffarano said.  It’s exciting to bring a service to Iowa State that will give young veterinarians a broader education as they enter the work force.”
 For more information about avian and exotic pet services, contact the VMC’s Small Animal Primary Care Clinic at (515) 294-4900.