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South Africa


Course dates for 2011:


Standard Course


Session 1: May 26 - June 10

Session 2: June 16 - July 1

Session 3: July 7 - July 22

Session 4: July 28 - August 12


Advanced Course

July 24 - August 6



*Please note you must be a VM2 or VM3 to apply for this program or have permission from the instructor






The course on Wildlife Immobilization and Conservation gives veterinary students an opportunity to study a wide range of exotic animals in their natural habitats.  They also get the chance to experience the culture of South Africa and get to know some of their classmates a bit better! 



To sign up for summer 2011 sessions, e-mail Sue at info@brotherssafaris.com

Once your attendance is confirmed, e-mail Katie at katied@iastate.edu and fill out the Iowa State application at http://isuabroad.iastate.edu


Approximate costs*:

Program costs**: $7000

50% Tuition + Fees:  $1100***

*Please Note:  All costs are estimated and could change based on airfare, currency conversion rates and increases in tuition and fees.  The College of Veterinary Medicine is able to provide a 50% tuition reimbursement to VM2 and VM3 students and VM4 students do not pay any additional tuition for study abroad. 

**Program Costs include all lodging, meals, airfare, entrance fees, and incidentals.

***Please note that non-residents going on more than one trip per summer will pay non-resident tuition rates but will receive the 50% tuition reimbursement on that amount.


For more information on this program or any of the Group or Individual Study Abroad opportunities offered by the College of Veterinary Medicine, contact Katie Davidson at katied@iastate.edu or call (515) 294-1501.