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Jordan 2012

Program Dates: June 16-July 1, 2012





TENTATIVE ITINERARY – Please note, itinerary will need to be condensed to fit into dates allotted for trip, but these are potential activities.
Day 1     Depart Des Moines, IA (or departure airport of your choosing)
Day 2     Travel day - Arrive Amman, Jordan late evening - Meet with hosts at airport, drive by vans to Irbid,     Jordan to Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)
Day 3     JUST, Irbid
  • Breakfast
  • Introductions, discussion on the ways and traditions of the people of Jordan
  • Internet/communication break
  • Lecture/overview on the veterinary school
  • Tour of veterinary school and hospital.  Meet with faculty.
  • Discussion regarding small and large animal medicine, case load, demand for veterinarians and veterinary services.  Meet with director of hospital.
  • Lunch
  • Tour and hands on clinical work with University Farms
  • Dinner
  • Overnight in Irbid
Day 4     JUST, Irbid
  • Breakfast
  • Meet veterinary students from JUST.  Discussion of the veterinary program of study (POS), areas of interest for most students and initiate cultural topic discussions
  • Lecture: Equine diseases in Jordan (Dr. Sameeh Abu-Tarbush)
  • Lecture: Small ruminant medicine – importance in Jordan
  • Lunch
  • Visit small ruminant farm
  • Tour Um Quais – ancient roman ruins
  • Dinner
  • Overnight in Irbid
Day 5     JUST, Irbid
  • Breakfast
  • Dr. Rami Mukbel parasitology lecture
  • Internet/communications break
  • Lunch
  • Small animal surgical skills lecture/demonstration/lab (Dr. Ciprich) – ISU and JUST students
  • Dinner
  • Overnight in Irbid
Day 6     JUST, Irbid
  • Breakfast
  • Travel to Sakra Farms – Tour of farms/overview of University operations
  • Clinical work with small ruminants at facility (palpation, Physical examinations, etc)
  • Ajlun castle/ruins of Jerash tour
  • Dinner in Jerash
  • Overnight at JUST
Day 7     JUST, Irbid
  • Breakfast
  • Cultural discussions with students/tour of JUST Mosque
  • Internet/communications break
  • Drive to Amman
  • Lunch
  • Amman site visits – tour of royal stables/Decapolis ruins/wildlife sanctuary
  • Dinner
  • Overnight in Amman
Day 8     Amman
  • Breakfast
  • Humane Center for Animal Welfare - Overview of operations, discussion on animal shelter demands, adoption, diseases, welfare, and meet with staff and veterinarian
  • Lunch
  • Perform clinical duties – may include surgical procedures for small animal and treatment cases for equine patients
  • Dinner
  • Overnight in Amman
Day 9     Amman –
Society for the Protection of Animals (SPANA)
  • Site visit
  • Participate in clinical evaluation of patients/rounds: equine, burro, feline/canine
  • Discuss animal protection laws and efforts for companion animals and working pack animals
  • Assist in surgical sterilization of cats in holding sanctuary – if attending DVM available for surgery
Day 10    Swaymeh and the Dead Sea
  • Breakfast
  • Travel to Madaba
  • Visit the Madaba Mosaic Map at the Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George.
  • Visit Mount Nebo en route to the Dead Sea area
  • Discuss sand fly issues and place traps to collect sand flies (Dr. Makbel) in Swaymeh
  • Lunch
  • Tour Dead Sea area, i.e. Visit Lot's Cave, float in the Dead Sea
  • Dinner
  • Overnight at Dead Sea accommodations
Day 11     Swaymeh and the Dead Sea
  • Breakfast
  • Lab work: Dissection technique for sand flies – submission for testing Leishmaniasis
  • Free time for leisure
  • Lunch
  • Depart for Petra
Day 12    Petra
  • Cultural site visits – guide provided for historical lecture during tour
  • Meals together as a group/local shopping
  • Overnight in Petra
Day 13 – Wadi Rum
  • Morning visits in Petra before travel to desert
  • Visit equine hospital (Brooke) in Wadi -
  • Arrive in Wadi Rum desert – cultural lecture on lifestyles and history of Bedouin nomadic tribes
  • JEEP/camel tour of desert
  • Traditional meal and wedding ceremony of Bedouin culture
  • Camp in Wadi Rum
Day 14    - Aqaba (Red Sea)
  • Depart Wadi Rum and travel to the seaport of Aqaba
  • Hotel check-in; arrangements for snorkel/dive trip in coral reef areas
  • Free time for activity
  • Visit with local veterinary practitioners/former JUST graduates to discuss the role of veterinary medicine in Jordan
  • Dinner/souvenir shopping
Day 15 – Depart for Amman –
  • Return travel to USA




Approximate costs*:

Program costs**: $3700

Tuition + Fees:  $2500***

Total: $6200

*Please Note:  All costs are estimated and could change based on airfare, currency conversion rates and increases in tuition and fees. 

**Program Costs include all lodging, meals, airfare, entrance fees, and incidentals.

***Please note that upon successful completion of the course tuition-paying students will receive a $1000 scholarship from the College to be applied to their fall U-bill.  Non-resident students who choose to take more than one study abroad trip in one summer will pay non-resident tuition and will only receive the $1000 scholarship once per year.  The scholarship can be awarded in consecutive years but no more than once per year.


For more information on this program or any of the Group or Individual Study Abroad opportunities offered by the College of Veterinary Medicine, contact Katie Davidson at katied@iastate.edu or call (515) 294-1501.