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International Inter-laboratory Testing Program-Canine (IITP)

The IITP-Canine program is set up to allow laboratories the ability to determine their performance in identifying prohibited substances, parent and or metabolite(s), in administration urines.  ISU RC currently acts as the canine coordinating laboratory to national and international laboratories.  This program provides information on performance characteristics of methods and provides reference material for conformational procedures.  Some of these drugs are extremely difficult to analyze and are sent to the field as Open blind samples to determine the laboratories ability to screen for the analyte in their normal screening format.

ISU RC provides 3 IITP sets per year.  Each set contains aliquots of post-administration samples from three different drugs at three different concentrations.  The participating laboratories have a specified time to analyze these sets and report back their findings.  Data packets are provided for each analyte that includes, extraction methodology, excretion profile in urine over time and analyte detection on instrumentation.  This program is used by many laboratories to meet ISO 17025 mandates.

Contact information:

Call Jackie Peterson at 515-294-9573 or e-mail jdpeters@iastate.edu if you have questions or inquiries.

Interstate Drug Testing Alliance-Equine (IDTA)

Ongoing studies are necessary for Racing Laboratories so they may provide information to commissions regarding data interpretation.  Investigatory work improves routine drug testing by improving detection capabilities, characterizing and developing methods to detect new drugs and drug metabolites.  To this end, ISU RC provides a research program, IDTA that meets these needs for our laboratory and others.

We offer the IDTA program to other laboratories that do not have the access to equine athletes and the abilities to do analyte and method characterizations.

IDTA administrations are done on analytes of interest to the racing industry.  Investigation goes into rumors of drug use or abuse at competitive events as to route and dosing levels of prohibited analytes.  Laboratory animals are dose and urine and blood samples are taken at relevant times post dose.  The samples are tested and analyte excretion is profiled and characterized by several methods.  The samples and data packets are then sent to member labs so that they may develop their own detection methodologies.

Another component of the IDTA-Equine program is the Double blind sample submission.  Each participating lab receives a number of Double blind samples each year to test their detection capabilities.  These Double blind samples are sent to each lab’s jurisdictional track and are made from authentically administered samples.  The shipment is arranged with the state veterinarian that is in charge of testing at each track so that the lab has no prior knowledge of possible sample submission.  The samples are submitted with regular track samples and the laboratory tests those samples as if it is a true track sample.  This tests the labs chain of custody, screening methods and testing and reporting procedures.

Currently ISU RC offers the IDTA-Equine program and estimates that each year there will be approximately 6-9 authentic administration sets with 3 Double blinds. 

Contact information:

If you have questions or would like to inquire further please contact Jackie Peterson at 515-294-9573 or jdpeters@iastate.edu.