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On average, ISU RC tests nearly 30,000 urine and blood samples each year.  US industry average for positive calls is 0.45% (2006-2010); ISU RC positive rate is 72% higher during that same time period at 0.62%.  In 2011, our positive call rate was 0.90%.

Within ISU RC, the goal is to always provide the client (jurisdiction) with meaningful quality testing at an affordable price.  Recently, testing was reviewed to determine any testing duplications, and if so, what duplications could be eliminated.  Cost control is essential with the reality of limited jurisdictional budgets and, in turn controlling costs within the laboratory.

Supply Services to the Jurisdiction

ISU RC will furnish sample jars, blood tube supplies, needles, needle holders, evidence tape, shipping container seals (security tags), as well as any other supplies necessary for sample collection.

See pictures of security coolers and other supplies currently in use here.

  • The sample jars used by many of our clients are made by Helena Plastics; these cups are unique in that a locking wrench is used to permanently attach the cap, with no need for evidence tape. Once in the laboratory, the cup lid is snipped open and sample needed for testing is poured out. Nothing enters into the sample container.
  • ISU RC would welcome any discussion on sample collection supplies.
  • ISU RC will supply barcodes. The barcodes in use by ISU RC aid in security and ensure legitimacy by offering “check sum” verification on each barcode.
  • ISU RC will pay to transport shipping coolers to and from the track.

Supply Services for Testing of Samples

  1. ISU RC shall supply all testing materials, reagents, chemicals, and immunoassay kits for sample screening and for confirmatory analyses.
  2. Pricing includes sample screening, quantitation, and confirmatory analyses.
  3. ISU RC shall ship all supplies to designated race tracks.
  4. ISU RC shall provide postage for all written reports. In addition, ISU RC shall fax or email reports as desired by the Designated State Official.
  5. Suspicious samples, including positives, are maintained under the direct care of ISU RC and shall NOT be discarded unless written authorization has been received.

Chain of Custody/Testing & Handling Protocol

Chain of Custody

The Racing Chemistry Laboratory is vitally concerned about the chain of evidence and laboratory documentation supporting it.

Sample Handling

We work closely with our jurisdictions to ensure a solid chain of custody from sample collection, transport, lab receipt, and subsequent testing within ISU RC.

  • Packing slips are used to ensure that all intended samples have arrived.  Upon receipt of sample shipment, tech initials and date are noted on the packing slip.
  • An example of our packing slip is included on the next page.
  • Each sample is examined for the following:
    • Evidence of tampering
    • Sample condition (thawed, cool, room temp or frozen)
    • Volume by weight
    • An assigned number on the sample container
    • Race date, sample type (blood, urine, or other), and animal species
    • Collecting track
  • Each sample is assigned a unique ISU RC in-house number and is scanned into the ISU RC secured database.

Storage/Security of Samples

  • After an initial aliquot is removed for screening, samples are stored in locked freezers within the ISU RC Laboratory until the screen analysis is complete.
  • Suspicious samples are segregated for additional testing, and all suspicious are retained indefinitely.
  • Permanent storage for all negative and suspicious/positive samples is a dedicated, secured 2,800 cu. ft. walk-in freezer located within the College service wing.
    • This freezer is under the direct supervision of the Laboratory Director
    • It is monitored and electronically alarmed as a safeguard to ensure appropriate temperature and conditions are maintained.
    • Freezer logs verify sample transfers into and out of the storage freezer.
  • No samples will be discarded without written authorization.
  • The ISU RC Laboratory is well-equipped, secured, and monitored; its sole purpose to efficiently address the needs and issues of the racing industry.


ISU RC will not release any information considered confidential This is in standing with all other current and past regulatory authority requirements. 

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