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Deadlines/Eligibility/Proposal Review

Proposal Submission Deadline 

Fully signed original and emailed electronic copy as attachment: Due (date to be determined).

(Note: proposal submission is not complete until electronic copy is submitted to the CVM Office of Research and Graduate Studies, cvmres@iastate.edu).

Please note this requirement:  Progress Report (for Continuation Project, if PI is seeking second year of funding) and Final Report to be submitted each year electronically to cvmres@iastate.edu.



  1. The PI must be a faculty member or research scientist (P37 or higher) with a regular appointment at the College Veterinary of Medicine. However, faculty members in other colleges, graduate students, post-docs, or any other qualified researchers are permitted and encouraged to serve as a Co-PI or collaborator.

  2. Although an individual may be an investigator on up to three proposals to this program, an individual can serve as PI on only one. Thus, the same individual may be a PI on one and a co-investigator on two proposals or a co-investigator on three and a PI on none.

  3. More than one new proposal can be submitted.

  4. A PI that has a current ILHAC project is not eligible.

  5. The ILHAC funding is available for a maximum of two years.


Proposal Review 

The review of ILHAC grant proposals will occur by a slightly different mechanism than with other intramural grants.  These proposals will be sorted by animal species, and then ranked within the species prior to submitting to the ILHAC Board.  The ILHAC Board will then make the final decision on which proposals will be funded based on their priorities.