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Selected 2012 Research:


Comparison of CO2 versus mixed CO2:Argon Gas at Different Flow Rates Using the Smart Box Euthanasia Device as an Effective Method of Piglet Euthanasia PDF

Effect of Piglet Age on Distress Associated with Gas Euthanasia, Neonate vs. Weaned PDF

Using Classification Trees to Detect Lameness in Sows PDF

Blood Cortisol as an Objective Tool to Measure Painful and Non-painful Hoof Lameness States in Multiparous Sows PDF

Behavioral Fear Response to a Novel or Human Stimuli in Barrows Selected for Feed Efficiency PDF

Yohimbine (alpha 2-antagonistic reversal agent) Effect on Return to Sensibility in Anesthetized Sows PDF

Proximity of Nursery Pigs to a Human Observer during an Animal-Human Interaction Test Before and After Vaccination PDF

Evaluation of the Responsiveness of Swine Divergently Selected for Feed Efficiency to an Exogenous Andrenocoticotropin Hormone (ACTH) Challenge PDF

Selected 2011 Research:


Influence of Small Versus Large Pen Design on Health and Lesion Scores of the Grow-Finisher Pig PDF

Influence of Changing Pen Design from a Small to Large Configuration on the Performance of the Grow-to-Finisher Pig PDF