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College of Veterinary Medicine



Suzanne Millman, BSc(Agr), PhD

Associate Professor - Animal Welfare

Dr. Suzanne Millman leads an active research program in farm animal behavior and animal welfare, coordinates animal welfare instruction within the DVM curriculum and provides expertise in animal behavior and welfare for producers, veterinarians and the public. Millman’s research interests include animal welfare assessment, pain and sickness behavior, and practical solutions to address animal welfare issues in production environments, particularly in relation to caring for livestock during illness or injury. Millman serves as Section Editor (Farm Animals) for the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, and chairs the Iowa Animal Cruelty Response Task Force.

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Email: smillman@iastate.edu





Jan K. Shearer, DVM, MSc

Professor - Vet Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine

Dr. Shearer is currently Professor and Extension Veterinarian at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University.  He received his BS degree from Ashland University in 1971, his DVM degree from Ohio State Univeristy in 1975, and his MSc in 1981.  His primary research interests include management of lameness and foot care of cattle, issues related to animal welfare of livestock and the influence of housing and environment on animal production.  He serves as a scientific advisor on several boards dedicated to the continued improvement of animal welfare in livestock production including Humane Farm Animal Care, Dean Foods, and Validus.  He is a former Chair of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners Animal Welfare Committee and is currently serving as Chair of the Food Animal Working Group of the American Veterinary Medical Association's Panel on Euthanasia.

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Email: jks@iastate.edu 



Claudia Baldwin, DVM, MS

Associate Professor - Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Dr. Baldwin’s area of expertise is shelter medicine with a clinical and investigatory interest in population medicine, infectious disease, public health and feline reproduction/overpopulation.

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Email: cbaldwin@iastate.edu





Hans Coetzee, BVSc, Cert CHP, PhD, DACVP

Associate Professor - Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine

Section Leader - Pharmacology Analytical Support Team (PhAST)

Dr. Coetzee is an associate professor in the Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine Department at Iowa State University.  He obtained his Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 1996.  After graduation, he worked for four years in mixed animal practice in Northern Ireland followed by two years in pharmaceutical research and development at Norbrook Laboratories, Ltd.  He received a specialist Certificate in Cattle Health and Production from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London in 2000, and a doctorate in Veterinary Microbiology from Iowa State University in 2005.  He holds board certification in Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology and his professional interests include pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of analgesic drugs in food animals and therapy for bovine anaplasmosis.  In his spare time he enjoys fly fishing and hiking.

List of Selected Publications

Email: hcoetzee@iastate.edu





Annette O'Connor


Annette O'Connor, BVSc, MVSc, DVSc, FACVSc (Epidemiology)

Professor - Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine

Dr. O'Connor received a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney in 1993, a Masters of Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland in 1997, and a Doctorate of Veterinary Science from the University of Guelph in 2001.  In 2009, Dr. O'Connor was admitted as a Fellow of Epidemiology to the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. Dr. O'Connor is a Professor of Epidemiology at Iowa State University.  She teaches epidemiology methods and inference in the Preventative Veterinary Medicine Program at Iowa State and the MPH program at the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa.  The main area of focus for Dr. O'Connor's research has been to understand how researchers can use study design and research synthesis methodologies to translate primary research findings into decision support tools for agencies.  Dr. O'Connor has been funded for this work by groups such as USDA, the National Pork Board, and the European Union Food Safety Authority.  Topics evaluated include pre-harvest food safety interventions, post-harvest interventions, zoonotic pathogens, and the impact of proximity to confined animal operations on community health.

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E-mail:  oconnor@iastate.edu






Locke Karriker, DVM, MS, DACVPM

Associate Professor - Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine

Food Supply Veterinary Services

Dr. Karriker completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999.  While at Mississippi State, he also completed a Master's degree focused on swine production medicine.  After graduation, he was a herd veterinarian at Seaboard Farms in Guymon, Oklahoma, for four years.  He joined the ISU CVM faculty in 2003 and is currently an Associate Professor and Director of the Swine Medicine Education Center at the College of Veterinary Medicine.  His primary appointment focuses on teaching swine production medicine to veterinary students and developing advanced training for practitioners.  He earned Diplomate status in the American College of Veterinary Preventative Medicine in 2006.  His research is focused on swine disease treatment and pharmacology.  He was recognized with the 2011 William O. Reece Award for Outstanding Academic Advising at Iowa State University and is the 2012 Alumnus of the Year for the College of Veterinary Medicine at MSU.

List of Selected Publications

E-mail:  karriker@iastate.edu



College of Agriculture and Life Sciences



Anna Johnson, PhD

Assistant Professor - Animal Behavior and Well-being

Dr. Johnson earned her BS in Animal Science from Reading University, a Master's in Applied Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare from the University of Edinburgh, and her Doctorate degree in Animal Welfare from Texas Tech University in 2001.  Dr. Johnson's current focus at Iowa State University is working in (1) finisher pig transportation, with the aim of reducing the incidence of fatigued, injured, and dead pigs, (2) temporal drinking behavioral patterns of nursery pigs to help swine veterinarians and producers know when the best time of day is to provide oral Ileitis vaccine, and (3) on sow productive lifetime with an emphasis on the sows behavioral repertoire, gait and motion with Drs. Locke Karriker and Kenneth Stalder.  Dr. Johnson is active in the International Society for Applied Ethology and the American Society for Animal Scientists, and she serves on the Pork Checkoff's Animal Welfare Comittee.  In addition, Dr. Johnson provides extension services for commodity groups pertaining to animal welfare issues.  Prior to joining ISU, Dr. Johnson was Director of Animal Welfare for the National Pork Board.  She developed and implemented Checkoff-funded animal welfare and welfare-related research within the Science & Technology Department.  Dr. Johnson was instrumental in the formulation and launch of the Swine Welfare Assurance Program.

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Email: johnsona@iastate.edu