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Lab Members


Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Luke Bussiere, PhD Student    

Postdoctoral Fellows

Promisree Choudhury PhD 

Undergraduate Students

None at this time

Co-Major Professor

Kirsten Eberle              Co-major professor with Dr. Randy Sacco

Former Lab Members

Tyler Meseke            Undergraduate Student

Pooja Gupta             PhD, 2014, Current: Scientist, Kinome Pharma

Guo Baoqing            Research Scientist

Allison Lehnen         Undergraduate Student

Jason Buehler              PhD, 2013, Current: Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Arizona

Kate Carroll                    MS, 2013, Current: PhD student, University of Pittsburgh

Deepak Navi                  Undergraduate Student

Missey Tegtemeyer     Undergraduate Student

Dana McCullough         Research Assistant, 2008-2011

Chelsie Sievers             Undergraduate Student, Current: PhD student, University of  Wisconsin

Qingsong Qin                PhD, 2010, Current: Postdoctoral Fellow, Pennsyvania State University

Laura Hamelin               Summer Scholar, 2011, Current: DVM

Alex Miller                       Summer Scholar, 2010, Current: DVM

Linsday Junk                 Summer Scholar, 2010, Current: DVM

Craig Hastings               Research Assistant 2006-2009

Avanti Sinha                   Graduate Student, Interdepartmental Microbiology, Summer project

Julian Traschel               Graduate Student, Interdepartmental Microbiology, Rotation project

Lucas Huntimer             Graduate Student, Immunobiology Program, Rotation project.

Nikhil Panicker               Graduate Student, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology,  

                                              Rotation Project

Patrick Jahren                Ames High School Senior Intern Project

Past Co-Major Professor

Luis Hernandez            PhD, 2015, Co-major professor with Dr. Eric Vaughn, Boehringer-Ingelheim


Matt Kappes                   PhD, 2014, Co-major professor with Dr. Kay Faaberg NADC, USDA

Nichole Hines                PhD, 2012, Co-major proessor with Dr. Panigrahy Brundiban, USDA

Qi Chen                            MS, 2012, Co-major professor with Dr. Hank Harris, ISU