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There is evidence from experimental inoculations that persistent infections may be a feature of PCV2 (Bolin et al., 2001). Viral DNA was detected in some cesarian-derived colostrum-deprived (CDCD) PCV2-inoculated pigs up to 125 days post infection. To confirm the presence of infectious virus, viral isolation was done on homogenates of tissues that were PCR positive. Virus was isolated from all tissues in which viral DNA was detected (Bolin et al., 2001). Proof of persistent infection in the field is contradictory. PCV2 viremia was detected in the same animals for at least 8 weeks by PCR confirming persistence of PCV2 in pigs after natural exposure (Larochelle et al., 2003). Rodríguez-Arrioja et al. (2002) found a long duration of PCV2 viremia (up to 28 weeks of age) in a high percentage of naturally-PCV2-infected pigs on a PMWS-affected farm in Spain. PCV2 nucleic acids were detected in sera from 52.6% of 386 healthy slaughter-age pigs (Liu et al., 2002). In another survey however, researchers were unable to demonstrate microscopic lymphoid lesions or PCV2 nucleic acids at slaughter suggesting that pigs typically clear the virus (Quintana et al., 2001).


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