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Viruses that replicate in the monocyte/macrophage lineage such as porcine parvovirus (PPV) (Allan et al., 1999a; Opriessnig et al., 2004) and porcine reproductive and respiratory virus (PRRSV) (Allan et al., 2000a; Harms et al., 2001; Rovira et al., 2002), have been shown to increase the replication of PCV2 in coinfected pigs and increase the incidence of PMWS. Despite the presence of PCV2 in macrophages and dentritic cells. Recent in vitro studies suggest that monocytic cells may not represent the primary target for PCV2 replication (Gilpin et al., 2003). Monocytes and macrophages were tested for the ability to support PCV2-replication in vitro. PCV2-replication in these cell types was not observed; however, PCV2 was not degraded and was stored in the cytoplasm of the cells (Gilpin et al., 2003). Similarly, no evidence of in vitro virus replication in dendritic cells was found by Vincent et al. (2003); however, PCV2 did persist in dendritic cells without loss of infectivity or the induction of cell death. It has been speculated that because of their migratory capacity, dendritic cells can provide a potent vehicle for transport of the virus throughout the host without the need for replication (Vincent et al., 2003).


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