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2011 Summer Scholars

Name: Alyona Avdonina      
Mentor: Douglas Jones
Dept: VPATH           
Title: Bio-responsive implantable vaccine device




Name: Eric Cassmann
Mentor: Albert Jergens
Dept: VCS
Title: Imbalance in the Composition of Ileal and Colonic Microbiota of Dogs with Chronic Enteropathy





Name: Deanne Day
Mentor: Locke Karriker
Title: Effect of sampling technique on contamination in swine joint fluid





Name: Uri Donnett
Mentor: Jessie Trujillo
Dept: VMPM
Title: An Epidemiological Study of Mycoplasma Species in Felines Utilizing a Novel Pan-Myco PCR Assay





Name: Rachel Duerre
Mentor: Diana Peterson
Dept: BMS
Title: Auditory attention: A possible role for amygdalo-cortical circuits.

Name: Paige Evans
Mentor: Annette O'Connor
Title: A Systematic Review of the Use of Anthelmintics on Beef Cows and its Effect on Cow/calf Production Parameters




Name: Amanda Gerard
Mentor: Christine Petersen
Title: Investigation of the Role of Onychectomy in Behavioral House Soiling in Cats





Name: Jessica Gilbertie
Mentor: Brett Sponseller
Dept: VCS
Title: Analysis of changes in macrophage production of superoxide and cytokine milieu in foals versus adults after infection with Rhodococcus equi





Name: Jennifer Groen
Mentor: Bryan Bellaire
Dept: VMPM
Title: Antibiotic Delivery Platform Enables Increased Intracellular Delivery and Killing of Virulent Brucella Species





Name: Cory Haglund
Mentor: Paul Plummer
Title: Correlation of Foot Conformation with Likelihood of Development of PDD in Lactating Dairy Cattle





Name: Laura Hamelin
Mentor: Cathy Miller
Dept: VMPM
Title: Development of a universal oral mammalian orthoreovirus vectored vaccine for infectious diseases in animals




Name: Allison Hannen
Mentor: Mark Ackermann
Title: hRSV Strain M37 Antigen Quantification via IHC on Lungs of Experimentally Inoculated Neonatal Lambs





Name: Matthew Hille
Dept: UNL
Title: Intimin type and subtype characterization of non-O157 STEC isolates from cattle, goats and humans





Name: Emily Houge
Mentor: Christine Petersen
Title: Identifying the Most Effective and Cost Efficient Ear Mite Treatment for Shelter Cats





Name: Nicole Jackson
Mentor: Jennifer Schleining
Title: Effects of Wedged Industrial Styrofoam on Forefoot Center of Pressure and Load Distribution in Normal Horses





Name: Carlie Koonce
Mentor: Claudia Baldwin
Dept: VCS
Title: Serosurvey of Influenza A Virus Exposure among Healthy Dogs in Midwest Shelters





Name: Lauren Larsen
Mentor: Suzanne Millman
Title: Use of a Human Approach Test to examine behavioral characteristics of dogs housed at an animal shelter: dogs impounded for legal cases versus strays

Name: Kristofer Michalson
Mentor: Jesse Goff
Dept: BMS
Title: Actions of Vitamin D on Cyp24a1 Gene Expression in Porcine Colon Mucosa Explants
Name: Sada Mosler
Mentor: Donald Sakaguchi
Dept: GDCB
Title: A Therapeutic Strategy using Stem Cell-Mediated Delivery of Neurotrophic Factors for Neuroprotection of Damaged Retinal Ganglion Cells




Name: Sarah Mull
Mentor: Christine Petersen
Title: Characterization of vectors for possible Leishmania infantum transmission in the Midwest

Name: Yoko Nagamori
Mentor: Alan Robertson
Dept: BMS
Title: Characterizing drug responses in nematode parasites using larval migration and video phenotyping
Name: Ryan Schafbuch
Mentor: Leslie Fox
Dept: VCS
Title: Immune alterations in dogs bearing non-lymphoid solid tumors




Name: Peter Schmitt
Mentor: James West
Title: Comparison of Injection Site on Embryo Production in Dairy Heifers

  Name: Crystal Sorensen
Mentor: Claudia Baldwin
Dept: VCS
Title: Assessment of Cost-effectiveness of Oral and Systemic Topical Anti-flea Medication use in Animal Shelters




Name: Jarrod Troy
Mentor: Mary Bergh
Dept: VCS
Title: Development and Assessment of Efficacy of a Model Designed to Teach Diagnosis of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture





Name: Samantha Ubben
Mentor: Terry Engelken
Title: A Qualitative Assessment of a Systematic Review of the Use of Anthelmintics in Beef Cow/calf Production