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Things Come Back: CH Callaway's Cumulus

Four years ago, CH Callaway’s Cumulus wasn’t showing. He wasn’t even trotting. He was struggling through a diagnosis that left both his owners’ dreams and his life hanging in the balance.

But when the Louisville spectators saw him trotting through the green shavings this past August, the picture of health and perfection, blue ribbons fluttering on his harness, there was no way they could’ve known the place he was in four years before. How he fought. How he won. How he almost died. But mostly, … Read More of the article from Saddle & Bridle magazine



Gifts from their heart

“This is truly an exciting time to be a supporter of the College of Veterinary Medicine,” says Russ Talbot. “What is being built now will have a major positive impact for years to come.”

Russ and his wife, Lora, have become enthusiasts of the college, supporting its students and having encouraged their successes in many ways for quite a number of years. “We like to create momentum and inspire others to become involved,” says Lora.

In 1999, through a stock, cash and bequest commitment of $3.4 million, the Talbots created the Russell G. and Lora L. Talbot Scholars in Veterinary Medicine program. More recently, the couple generously pledged $250,000 to the new Dr. W. Eugene and Linda Lloyd Veterinary Teaching Hospital project and another $250,000 to their existing scholarship program bringing their total current commitment to $500,000.

Neither of the Talbots graduated from Iowa State University, nor are their careers in the field of veterinary medicine. Russ is a retired special agent with the criminal investigation division of the Internal Revenue Service, and Lora is a retired executive officer with the Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System (IPERS). They divide their time between Ankeny and Belmond, Iowa.

After reading by chance about the Companion Animal Fund and the Wildlife Care Clinic at Iowa State a few years back, they decided to do something for the animals they love and the education they revere. “We decided it would be the coming together of all of our passions,” says Lora.

Since beginning their scholarship program, the Talbots have stayed involved with the college and with the students, getting to know the recipients and even attending graduation whenever possible. “That gives us further impetus to do more,” says Russ. “Just to see them graduate and become doctors of veterinary medicine, to blossom and mature is so gratifying.”

They are very excited about the new facilities as well. “I think the expansion is going to be just wonderful,” says Lora. “It’s definitely needed.”

Russ agrees. “We try to direct resources to a specific need,” he says, “and we realized support at this time was important to help move the college forward. We like to lead by example.”