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Making A Difference

An Impact on Students

Iowa State’s veterinary school is full of tremendous opportunity. I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship this year to help cover the expenses of going to professional school. This gift means a lot to me because not only does it alleviate some of the costs of school, but also it shows that established veterinarians and donors have faith in the next generation of doctors. Personally, this gift will allow me to worry less about working during the school year and more about studying to becoming the best veterinarian I can be. I look forward to the day when I can show faith in the next generation of veterinarians as so many have shown to today’s students.

Dan Taylor, Recipient of the 1964 Graduate Student Award

Receiving the Robert E. and Doris R. Philbrick Academic Excellence Scholarship has been a huge blessing to me and my family. Being a Vet. Student with a family of four has put us in a situation of having to take maximum loans for the past two years. By receiving this scholarship I will be able to reduce the amount of my final loan amount significantly which will make a big impact on the loan payment I will have to make when I graduate.

Corey Gallagher, Recipient of the Robert E. and Doris R. Philbrick Academic Excellence Scholarship

Receiving the Margaret W. Sloss Memorial Scholarship was an exciting event for me this past year. It has significantly reduced the amount of unsubsidized student loans that I have to take on for my fourth year. The reduction in student loans has long term implications as it will help me to better qualify for future loans to buy into a practice, buy a house, etc. as well as reducing the payoff period and interest I will have to pay on those loans. It was wonderful to receive the scholarship, and I can't thank the donors enough for their generosity. Their contributions have made not only the short term goal of obtaining my DVM easier, they've also aided my long term goals as well.

Rachel Friedrich, Recipient of the Margaret W. Sloss Memorial Scholarship