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Investing in Students

Students who finance veterinary medicine degrees will graduate with an average educational debt of approximately $135,000. Scholarships are important not only to attract the best and brightest students to veterinary medicine, but also to make veterinary medicine and research an affordable choice for talented students.

Our graduate students contribute significantly to the valuable discoveries taking place within the college. Graduate stipends engage students in cutting-edge research of global magnitude and encourage them to choose research careers that benefit society.

Investing in Faculty

Veterinary medicine faculty are in great demand, with multiple schools vying for the same people.
Endowed faculty positions will make the College of Veterinary Medicine more competitive. Faculty endowments are absolutely critical to recruit key people in emerging areas, including infectious disease research, and in specialty areas such as food supply veterinary medicine.

As universities and private industry compete for the best talent, we constantly must work to retain the extraordinary faculty and researchers already in place. Faculty endowments honor and reward our most valuable scholars.

Investing in Programs

Programs and collaborative centers provide unique opportunities to mesh education, research and outreach. The College of Veterinary Medicine will launch new programs and enhance existing programs that provide critical services and resources for practitioners and citizens in Iowa and across the nation.

Endowments to grow funds for existing areas of national significance, including biomedical informatics research and infectious diseases programs also are high priorities. Funds will support research endeavors, software and technology development, and graduate student and faculty recruitment and retention.

Investing in Facilities

There is a direct connection between state-of-the-art facilities, premier faculty and students, and revolutionary research. When these factors are brought together, astounding things happen: the finest veterinarians are educated, the highest quality animal care is obtained, and the welfare of human beings is improved.