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Ways to Give


Cash, a gift transferred immediately from you to benefit the College of Veterinary Medicine, often is the most convenient and easiest form of giving. A majority of the college's alumni , clients and friends make current gifts by writing a check or using a credit card. These gifts are the basis of all support at Iowa State and impact almost every area on campus. Cash gifts generally can be deductible if you itemize your taxes.

Non-cash Gifts

Pledges made to the College of Veterinary Medicine enable you to plan a gift that is both convenient and tax wise. A pledge allows you to consider a more significant gift than otherwise would have been possible.

Securities may be contributed as outright gifts or as a pledge payment. When you make a gift of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have grown in value), your income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the securities and you may avoid capital gains taxes on the transfer.

Gifts-in-kind are items of tangible property such as art, books, computer equipment, or livestock. When donated for related educational purposes, they are recognized at their fair market value. An independent appraisal is required for gifts-in-kind valued at more than $5,000.

Real Estate
Real estate can be contributed as a current outright gift or a gift through your estate. It also may be given to finance a deferred gift such as a charitable remainder trust. Available gifting options allow for continued use of the property for your lifetime or for lifetime income. All gifts of real estate, such as a residence, farm, undeveloped land, vacation home, or commercial property should be discussed with representatives of the college's development staff.

Planned Gifts

A bequest in your will and naming Iowa State and the College of Veterinary Medicine in your living trust are the easiest and most popular deferred gift plans used by alumni and friends. Donors may name the Iowa State University Foundation as a percentage beneficiary, for a specific dollar amount or specific assets, or as a residual or contingent recipient. Your assets can be used to support Iowa State and the college for the purposes you have documented. Please contact the college's development office for bequest gift language to use in your will.

Retirement Plan Assets
Retirement accounts often are exposed to income tax and estate taxes, which may be avoided or reduced through a deferred gift. Naming the Iowa State University Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement account can provide a meaningful gift to Iowa State and produce significant tax savings for you and your heirs.

Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable trust to benefit Iowa State is established when you transfer assets (cash, securities or real estate) to a trust where the assets are invested to pay an annual, lifetime or term-of-years income to you or other beneficiaries. When the trust matures, the remaining trust assets are distributed by the trustee according to your wishes. There are wide varieties of charitable trusts available to meet your individual needs.

Charitable Gift Annuity
A gift annuity is a simple, contractual agreement between one or two donors and the Iowa State University Foundation in which assets are transferred in exchange for a lifetime annuity. Donors receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction, and the rates are based on the age of the donor(s) at establishment.

Gift Clubs

The Sustaining Members of the Veterinary Quadrangle
The Sustaining Members of the Veterinary Quadrangle is a gift club created to recognize those who have made a significant investment in ISU's College of Veterinary Medicine. Its members are alumni, friends, businesses and foundations who have contributed a minimum of $7,500 to the college. The club is named after the Veterinary Quadrangle, which served as the college's major facility for 64 years (1912-1976). 

The Society of the Gentle Doctor
The Society of The Gentle Doctor is another level of recognition for those who have contributed $2,500 or more to college-related funds. This society is named for the unique statue created by ISU sculptor Christian Petersen.

The Order of the Knoll
The Order of the Knoll acknowledges three giving levels for donors to Iowa State University — the President's Circle, the W. M. Beardshear Society, and the Campanile Society. Membership in the President’s Circle and W. M. Beardshear Society is determined by cumulative giving. Contributors with cumulative outright gifts or pledges totaling $100,000 to $999,999 qualify as members of the President’s Circle, and donors of $1 million or more qualify for the W. M. Beardshear Society. The Campanile Society recognizes and encourages annual giving, and includes individuals who make annual outright gifts of $2,500 or more; young alumni and friends (those under the age of 40) will qualify with annual gifts of $1,500 or more. Many donors are members of more than one Order of the Knoll group, as they understand the importance of both lifetime giving and annual support.