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Bryan Bellaire

Bryan Bellaire
Bryan H. Bellaire


Assistant Professor
Vet Microbiology & Preventive Medicine
(515) 294-1006
1136 Vet Med
Expertise / Research Area

Our research is focused on understanding the microbial and cellular events that take place during persistent bacterial infections. Areas of investigation include Bacterial Pathogenesis of Brucella spp. in swine, bovine, canine and human hosts; Translational Medicine associated with developing novel antimicrobial delivery platform that will target persistent intracellular pathogens; Biosafety and Biodefense: illuminating molecular interactions between the human host and virulent Brucella, Francisella, Burkholderia and Yersinia spp..



2013 Fall MICRO302 Microbiology

2011-Present: VMPM586L Veterinary Bacteriology 

2007 - Present: Course Co-Organizer VMPM 604


1995   B.S. Microbiology, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.
2001  Ph.D. Microbiology, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. Shreveport, LA.
Selected Publications
Bellaire, B.H., C.L. Baldwin, P.H. Elzer and R.M. Roop II. 1999. The siderophore 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid is not required for virulence of Brucella abortus in BALB/c mice. Infect. Immun. 67: 2615-2618.
Parent, M.A., Bellaire, B.H., Murphy, E.A., R.M. Roop II, P.H. Elzer and C.L. Baldwin. 2002. Brucella abortus siderophore 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid (DHBA) facilitates intracellular survival of the bacteria. Microb. Pathog. 32(5): 239-248.
Bellaire, B.H., P.H. Elzer, S.D. Hagius, J.V. Walker, N.J. Booth, M.D. Edmonds, C.L. Baldwin, R. Freeland and R.M. Roop II. 2003. Genetic organization and iron-Responsive regulation of the Brucella abortus 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid biosynthesis operon, a cluster of genes required for wild-type virulence in pregnant cattle. Infect Immun. 71(4): 1794-1803.
Bellaire, B.H., P.H. Elzer, C.L. Baldwin, and R.M. Roop II. 2003. Production of the siderophore 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid is required for wild-type growth of Brucella abortus in the presence of erythritol under low iron conditions in vitro. Infect Immun. 71(5): 2927-832.
RoopII, R.M., B.H. Bellaire, E. Anderson and J.T. Paulley. 2004. Iron metabolism in Brucella, p. 243-262. In I. Lopez-Goni and I. Moriyon (ed.), Brucella: Molecular and cellular biology. Horizon Scientific Press.
Roop II, R.M., B.H. Bellaire, M.W. Valderas, and J.A. Cardelli. 2004. Adaptation of the brucellae to their intracellular niche. Mol. Micro. 52(3): 621-630.
Valderas, M.W., R.B. Alcantara, J.B. Baumgartner, B.H. Bellaire, G.T. Robertson, W.L. Ng, J.M. Richardson, M.E. Winkler, and R.M. Roop II. 2005. Role of HdeA in acid resistance and virulence in Brucella abortus 2308. Vet. Micro. 20;107(3-4): 307-12.
Bellaire, B.H., R.M. Roop II, J.A. Cardelli. 2005. Opsonized virulent Brucella abortus replicate within non-acidic, endoplasmic reticulum negative, LAMP 1 positive phagosomes in human monocytes. Infect. Immun. 73(6): 3702-3713.
B.C. Reed, C. Cefalu, B.H. Bellaire, J.A. Cardelli, T. Louis, J. Salamon, M.A. Bloecher and R.C. Bunn. 2005. GLUT1CBP(TIP2/GIPC1) Interactions with GLUT1 and Myosin VI: Evidence Supporting an Adapter Function for GLUT1CBP Mol. Bol. Cell. 16(9): 4183-4201.
Roux, C.M., N.J. Booth, B.H. Bellaire, J.M. Gee, R.M. Roop II, M.E. Kovach, R.M. Tsolis, P.H. Elzer and D.G. Ennis. 2006. RecA and RadA proteins of Brucella abortus do not perform overlapping protective DNA repair functions following oxidative burst. J. Bacteriol. 188(14): 5187-5195.
Snider, J.L, B.H. Bellaire and J.A. Cardelli. Both CagA-Dependent and –Independent Signaling Pathways Contribute to Helicobacter pylori – Induced Motility of Gastric Carcinoma Cells. J. Cell Biol. Accepted: Feb 2007.
Ulery BD, Phanse Y, Sinha A, Wannemuehler MJ, Narasimhan B, Bellaire BH. 2009. Polymer chemistry influences monocytic uptake of polyanhydride nanospheres. Pharm Res. Mar;26(3):683-90.

Brucellosis in Large Animals. Co-Authors: S.C. Olsen, B.H. Bellaire, R.M. Roop II, and C.O. Thoen. In Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals. Ed. Carlton Gyles, John Prescott, Glenn Songer and Charles Thoen.
Michael Carruthers, BH Bellaire and Chris Minion. 2011. Exploring the response of Escherichia coli O157:H7 EDL933 within Acanthamoeba castellanii by genome-wide transcriptional profiling. FEMS Letters.
2000-2006:      LSUHSC BSL3 Laboratory Manager
2006-present:  ISU VMPM-BSL3 Laboratory Director
Honors & Awards
 1994    Undergraduate Fellowship: Science and Engineering Research Semester Sponsored by the Department of Energy. January – May.
1997    Arnold Ravin – Murial Rogers Fellowship. 41st Annual Wind River Conference on Procaryotic Biology. June.
1998    The Donald E. Kahn Memorial Award for the Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation. 79th Annual Conference for Research Workers in Animal Diseases. November.
2000    McCleskey Award for the Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation in
Bacteriology. South Central Branch American Society for Microbiology.
2002    Outstanding Postdoctoral Poster Presentation. Ray A. Barlow Scientific Symposium.
2009    Honorary Member of Phi Zeta Veterinary Honors Society.
American Society for Microbiology
Research Workers in Animal Diseases
American Association for the Advancement of Science