Claudia J Baldwin DVM, MS

Associate Professor
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
2450 Lloyd Vet Med Ctr

VCS 305X—Shelter Medicine: An elective course designed to educate the veterinary student about issues of relevance to companion animal population and shelter medicine and welfare.

VCS 407—Feline Internal Medicine:Elective course in feline internal medicine
VCS 459—Small Animal Overpopulation Medicine and Surgery:A 2 week course at a humane society that emphasizes the issues facing veterinarians and non-veterinary humane society personnel in dealing with animal overpopulation problems facing this country
VCS 450—Disturbances of Reproduction:General principles of diseases causing disturbances in reproduction
VCS 444—Clincial Medicine I: Clinical diagnostic methods and consideration of diseases of domestic animals
VMPM 436—Infectious Diseases and Preventative Medicine: Etiology, epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis, regulatory control and preventive medicine aspects of the infectious diseases of small domestic animals
VCS 311—Veterinarian in Society I:Introduction to the veterinary profession and the various career opportunities available
VCS 312—Veterinarian in Society II:This course is designed to provide an introduction to the topics of animal behavior, animal welfare, and the human animal bond
VCS 313—Veterinarian in Society III:The course covers selected topics on moral and ethical issues affecting the practice of veterinary medicine
VMPM 378—Case Study:Emphasis on early integration of basic and clinical science concepts
VCS 490—Independent Study
VCS 463—Community Practice:Clinical experience in hospital based general practice
Research Interests & Areas of Expertise: 

Dr. Baldwin’s area of expertise is shelter medicine with a clinical and investigatory interest in population medicine, infectious disease, public health and feline reproduction/overpopulation.

Education & Certifications: 


D.V.M.: Michigan State University, 1982

M.S.: University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1986

Diplomate: American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 1989


Selected Publications: 

Morrison JA, Lauer SK, Baldwin CJ, Evans RB, Andreasen CB, Kinyon Jm and Swanson E: The use of subcutaneous totally implantable vascular access ports in a feline blood donor population. J AM Vet Med Assoc. 2007;230:855-861. CAM, IZPAD

Baldwin, CJ:  Pregnancy loss in the queen. In: Bonagura J (Ed). Kirk’s Current Veterinary Therapy XIV. W.B. Saunders Co. 17 pages. (In Press). CAM
Baldwin, CJ: Canine kennel cough complex. In: Miller L and Hurley K (Eds): The Management of Infectious Diseases in Dogs and Cats in Animal Shelters. Blackwell Publishing, Ames IA (Submitted). CAM, IZPAD
Byers S, Jenkins C, Baldwin CJ:  Where is the Evidence? Efficacy of L-Lysine to Prevent and Treat Feline Herpesvirus-1 Infection. Poster presentation at Summer Scholars Research Day, Iowa State University, August 10, 2007. 
Jenkins C, Byers S, Baldwin CJ, Newbury S, Hurley KF: Environmental and Group Health Risk Factors for Feline Upper Respiratory Disease Complex in Animal Shelters. Poster presentation at Summer Scholars Research Day, Iowa State University, August 10, 2007. 

Baldwin CJ: Zoonoses. Prairie States Animal Welfare Conference June 2006, Kankakee, IL. 1-14.

Baldwin CJ: Cats, Cats, and More Cats. Summit on Cat Overpopulation in the Midwest, Iowa Federation of Humane Societies and Veterinary Clinical Sciences, May 4, 2006; 1-6.
American Veterinary Medical Association
American Animal Hospital Association
American Association of Feline Practitioners
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Diplomate Internal Medicine
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease Study Group
American Association of Veterinary Clinicians
Association of Shelter Veterinarians
Shelter Medicine Specialty Focus Group
Michigan Veterinary Medical Association
Iowa Veterinary Medical Association
Iowa Federation of Humane Societies