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Smith, Jodi D [V PTH]

Jodi Smith
Jodi Smith


Assistant Professor
Veterinary Pathology
(515) 294-9013
2714 Vet Med

Instructor-in-charge, Histopathology of Laboratory Animals (VPTH 679)

Instructor-in-charge, Principles of Pathology (VPTH 503)

Instructor, Necropsy Practicum (VPTH 456)

Anatomic Pathology Resident Training (surgical biopsy, necropsy)


2010   Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists; Anatomic Pathology

2008   Ph.D., Veterinary Anatomy; Iowa State University, Ames, IA. “The effects of abnormal prion protein accumulation on retinal morphology and function in sheep and cattle”

2004   D.V.M., with Distinction; Iowa State University, Ames, IA

2001   B.S., Biology; South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD

Selected Publications

 Smith J.D. and Greenlee J.J. (2014) Detection of prion protein in retina samples of sheep and cattle by use of a commercially available enzyme immunoassay. Am J Vet Res, 75(3):268-272.

Smith J.D., Nicholson E.M., Greenlee J.J. (2013) Evaluation of a combinatorial approach to prion inactivation using an oxidizing agent, SDS, and proteinase K. BMC Vet Res, 9:151.

Smith J.D., Nicholson E.M., Foster G.H., Greenlee J.J. (2013) Exposure of the RML scrapie agent to a sodium percarbonate-based product and sodium dodecyl sulfate renders PrPSc protease sensitive but does not eliminate infectivity. BMC Vet Res, 9:8.

Smith J.D., Greenlee J.J., Foster G.H., Nicholson E.M. (2012) Acetone precipitation of the scrapie agent results in successful recovery of PrPSc but decreased infectivity. J Ag Food Chem, 60(18):4758–4762.

Greenlee J.J., Smith J.D., West Greenlee M.H., and Nicholson E.M. (2012) Clinical and pathologic features of H-type bovine spongiform encephalopathy associated with E211K prion gene polymorphism. PLoS ONE, 7(6): e38678.