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Ricardo F Rosenbusch

Ricardo Rosenbusch
Ricardo Rosenbusch

Vet Microbiology & Preventive Medicine
Expertise / Research Area

Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Visiting Assistant Professor at the Veterinary Medical Research Institute, ISU, 1977 - present.  Work on bovine respiratory diseases and infectious bovine keratoconjuncitivitis. In these areas my interest centers on molecular pathogenesis, host defense mechanisms involving epithelial surfaces, naive and acquired immune responses, role of immune responses in disease production. Applications that result in immunogens or diagnostic tests are pursued as they evolve from the above studies. Infectious agents studied involve bovine respiratory mycoplasmas with emphasis on Mycoplasma bovis and Mycoplasma dispar, bovine ocular mycoplasmas, pathogenic and non-pathogenic Moraxella spp, bovine viral diarrhea virus, and bovine papular stomatitis virus. Other interests are mycoplasmal infections of sheep and goats.


I currently teach VMPM 378 (Case Studies IV) to the sophomore veterinary students in the Spring semester. This is a case-based basic sciences review course. I also assist with the teaching of the corresponding Univ. of Nebraska course VM 514 (Clinical Cases IV). Provide selected lectures for graduate courses.



DMV, 1964, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

MS in Veterinary Microbiology, 1966, Iowa  State University

PhD in Veterinary Microbiology, 1969, Iowa State University

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists, 1978


Selected Publications

Shahzad, W., A.T.P. Ajuwape, and R. F. Rosenbusch. 2010. Global suppression of mitogen-activated ovine peripheral blood mononuclear cells by surface protein activity from Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae. Vet. Immun. Immunopathol.136: 116-121.

Kauf, A. C. W., R. F. Rosenbusch, M. J. Paape, and D. D. Bannerman. 2007. Innate immune response to intramammary Mycoplasma bovisinfection. J. Dairy Sci. 90:3336-3348.

Harvey, M. E., D. E. Morrical, and R. F. Rosenbusch. 2007. Sheep flock infections with Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae involve multiple strains. Small Ruminant Res. 73:287-290.

Rosenbusch, R. F., Kinyon, J. M., Apley, M., Funk, N. D., Smith, S., and L. J. Hoffman. 2005. In vitro antimicrobial inhibition profiles ofMycoplasma bovis isolates recovered from various regions of the United States from 2002-2003. J. Vet. Diagn. Invest. 17:436-441.

Lu, X., and R. F. Rosenbusch. 2004. Endothelial cells from bovine pulmonary microvasculature respond to Mycoplasma bovis preferentially with signals for mononuclear cell transmigration. Molecular Pathogenesis 37: 253-261.

Stabel, J. R., S. Hurd, L. Calvente, and R. F. Rosenbusch. 2004. Destruction of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, Salmonella spp., and Mycoplasmaspp. in raw milk by a commercial on-farm high-temperature, short-time pasteurizer. J. Dairy Science 87: 2177-2183.

Vanden Bush T. J., and R. F. Rosenbusch. 2004. Characterization of a lympho-inhibitory peptide produced by Mycoplasma bovis. Bioch. Biophys. Res. Comm. 315: 336-341.


Member of the University Budget Advisory Committee for Iowa State University, 2007-2012.

Member of the Institutional Biosafety Committee for Iowa State University, 2006-2012.

Elected Senator for the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine, Iowa State University Faculty Senate, 2003-2006, and reelected for 2006-2009.

Member, University Awards Committee, 2004-2010.

Member, Resource and Policy Allocation Council of the Faculty Senate, 2004-2009.

Member of the College of Veterinary Medicine Promotion & Tenure Committee, 2007-2010.

 Member of the Planning and Performance Committee for the College of Veterinary Medicine, 2007-2010.

Chair of the Budget Subcommittee for the Planning and Performance Committee for the College of Veterinary Medicine, 2007-2010

Co-Chair of the Implementation Steering Committee for the Nebraska Cooperative Agreement for Veterinary Education, 2006-2009

Chair, Division G (Mycoplasmology) for the American Society of Microbiology, 2010.

Member, Institutional Biosafety Committee for the USDAAPHIS- Center for Veterinary Biologics, 2006-2012.

Chair of the Immunobiology Graduate Program, 1999-2005.

Treasurer of the International Organization for Mycoplasmology, 1996-2000.

Chair of the Ruminant Mycoplasma Working Team of the International Reagent Program on Comparative Mycoplasmology, a permanent standing committee of the International Organization for Mycoplasmology, 1994-2000.

Chairman of the Board of Governors of the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists, 1988-1989.

Honors & Awards

Regents Faculty Excellence Award, 2007
Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars, 1990
Osborn Research Club, ISU,  1990
Beecham Award for Research Excellence,  ISU, 1987
Diploma de Honor,  U. of Buenos Aires, 1969
Phi Zeta, Honor Society for Veterinary Medicine, 1966
Gamma Sigma Delta, Honor Society for Agriculture, 1966


Member of the American Veterinary Medical Association
Member of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners
Member of American College of Veterinary Microbiologists
Member of American Society for Microbiology
Member of the International Organization for Mycoplasmology
Member of the American Society for the Advancement of Science