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Sina Safayi

Sina Safayi
Sina Safayi


Postdoctoral Research Associate
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
(515) 460-4572
1375 LVMC
Expertise / Research Area

Key words: "Lactation Physiology", "Histology", "Data Management" and "Kinematics"

Have been involved in various multidisciplinary life sciences and biomedical research projects for the last 15 years and since undergrad education across three continents. Currently as Co-PI , I am involved in kinematics studies of two large projects:

1) Gait analysis in developing of a spinal cord stimulator to control chronic back and leg pain: I-Patch (ovine model; PI: Dr. Nick Jeffery); and,

2) Developing new therapies for Mucopolysaccharidosis types I and III (canine model; PI; Dr. Matthew Ellinwood).

In addition, I am also collaborating with other US as well as international research groups with designing their experiemtns, stereology, histology, image analysis, data management and biostatistics.


Currently mentoring three Vet and five undergrad students in VetMed kinematics lab; and, [remotely]  mentoring two Phd Students and a postdoc at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, with the parts of their research projects related to stereology, histology, image analysis, data management and biostatistics.


Have been constantly teaching/mentoring in both undergrad and grad levels across three continents since 2001. A few of the courses that I've taught (Clemson University, University of Copenhagen and ACECR): Animal Histology, Veterinary Physiology, Experimental Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Parasitology and Medical Ethics.


Co-supervised couple of grad students research projects (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): "Histological study of the effect of omitting the dry period on mammary gland development during gestation and laction in dairy goats"; and, "Effect of the dry period and parity on changes in mammary cell turnover during gestation and lactation in dairy goats."


2014: “Emerging Leaders Academy”; Iowa State University, USA

2010: PhD in Animal Science – Lactation Physiology; University of Copenhagen, Denmark (World Rank in Animal Science: #12)

Sabbaticals (part of PhD education): 

University of Aarhus, Denmark (2006) and University of Arizona, USA (2009) 

2005: European Certificate for ¨Laboratory Animal Science¨ (Category C); University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2003: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM); Shiraz University, Iran

Selected Publications

I have 18 peer-reviewed publications in addition to 47 other publications and presentations. 

To see the list of peer-reviewed publications, please click to visit my"Google Scholar" or "ResearchGate" pages. 



Rcent ones, since 2012:

- Member of “Meetings” Committee, National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), USA (since 2013)

- Elect-President of Iowa State University Postdoctoral Association (ISUPDA; having about 350 members), Iowa State University, USA (2013-2014)

- Interim Chair [and Founder], Midwest Postdoctoral Forum, USA (2013-2014)

- Chair of the “International & Diversity” Subcommittee and Member of “Plenary” and “Workshops” Subcommittees (Meetings Committee), National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), USA (2013-2014)

- Chair, Executive Committee Board, Midwest Postdoctoral Symposium, Iowa State University, USA (2012-2013)

- Elect Vice-President / Interim President of Iowa State University Postdoctoral Association, Iowa State University, USA (2012-2013)

Honors & Awards

2014: Travel award, National Postdoctoral Association, USA 

2013-2014: “Emerging Leaders Academy” Scholarship (full coverage of the tuition fee), Iowa State Unviersity, USA

2009: Travel award, The Royal Danish Academy of Science, Denmark

2009: Travel award, Veterinarian Hans Peter Christensen's memorial scholarhship, Denmark

2006-2010: Full PhD Scholarship (full coverage of the tuition fee and Salary), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2003: Best instructor of the year award, Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, Iran

2000: Best cultural student award, Fars Provice, Iran

1997-2003: Full academic scholarhship for 6.5 years of DVM education [immidiately after highschool graduation] (full coverage of the tuition fee), Shiraz University, Iran



 Member of:

- National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), USA (since 2013)

- Ames, IA Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN), USA (since 2012)

- Iowa State University Postdoctoral Association, Iowa State University, USA (since 2012)

- The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA), Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS) (since 2010)

- The Alumni Association at the University of Copenhagen (Kubulus) (since 2010)

- The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (since 2008)

- Iran Veterinary Council (since 2004)

- The Alumni Association at Shiraz University (since 2004)


Ad hoc reviewer for:  

- BMC Veterinary Research (since 2015)

- The Veterinary Journal (since 2014)

- BMC International Breastfeeding Journal (since 2014)

- Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology (since 2014)

- Livestock Science (since 2012)

- Journal of Dairy Science (since 2009)

- Small Ruminant Research (since 2008)