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Suzanne Millman

Suzanne Millman (Hartline)
Suzanne T Millman (Hartline)

BSc (Agr), PhD

Associate Professor - Animal Welfare
Vet Diagnostic & Production Animal Med
(515) 294-2817
Expertise / Research Area

Animal welfare

Animal behavior

Applied ethology

Pain and sickness behavior

Care of the compromised animal



VDPAM 312 Vets & Society: Introduction to Animal Welfare

VDPAM 365 Animal Welfare Assessment and Judging

VDPAM 465 Clinical Animal Welfare Rotation

VDPAM 466 Animal Welfare Preceptorship

VDPAM 490 Special Topics in Animal Welfare

VDPAM 496 Study Abroad - International Perspectives in Animal Welfare (Spring 2012- Scotland, England and Wales; Summer 2014 Ireland, England and Wales)

BMS 403 Behavior of Domestic Animals

BMS 490 Special Topics in Applied Animal Behavior


PhD Applied Ethology, 2000. Department of Animal & Poultry Science, University of Guelph, Canada.

BSc (Agr), 1990. Department of Animal & Poultry Science, University of Guelph, Canada.

Selected Publications

 Editorial Boards

Section Editor (Farm Animals), Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 2003-present

Guest editor, Special issue: Pain in Farm Animals, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 135(3):177-266 (December 15, 2011)

Guest editor, Special issue: Animal Welfare and Epidemiology - Across Species, Across Disciplines, and Across Borders, Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 12(2):83-164 (March 2009).

Guest editor, Special issue: Caring During Crisis- Animal Welfare During Pandemics and Natural Disasters,  Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 11(2):85-184 (June 2008)


Committee membership


University Link (Iowa State University), Universities Federation for Animal Welfare/Humane Slaughter Association. 2008-present
Animal Welfare External Advisor, HyLine International, 2009-present
co-Chair, Model Animal Welfare Curriculum Working Group, American Veterinary Medical Association, 2011-present
Consultant, Animal Health and Well-being Committee, McDonald's Corporation, 2012-present
Chair, Animal Welfare Committee, Iowa Veterinary Medical Association, 2008-present
Chair, Iowa Livestock Emergency Response/Animal Welfare Task Force, 2008-present
Swine Health & Animal Well-being Committee, Iowa Pork Producers Association, 2008-present
Advisory Committee, Animal Welfare Judging Competition, Michigan State University, 2004-present. Veterinary Division, 2007-present.
Scientific Committee, Humane Farm Animal Care, the first ISO-65 certified animal welfare certification program for livestock and poultry producers (“Certified Humane”), involving third-party inspection of farms. I chair the committee for goats, and serve on committees for sheep and poultry. 2003 –present: 

Invited expert, Canadian Agrifood Research Council, Expert Committee for Farm Animal Behaviour & Welfare, 2005-2008    




Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Animal Welfare Committee, Ex-officio member, Large Animal Sub-Committee, 2006-2008
Honors & Awards

2012:    Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence, College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University

1997:    University Graduate Scholarship, University of Guelph

1996:    Dr. W.R. Graham Memorial Scholarship, University of Guelph

1995:    James A. McGrath Memorial Scholarship, University of Guelph

American Association of Swine Practitioners

American Dairy Science Association

American Society of Animal Science

American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Society

Canadian Society of Animal Science

Equine Science Society

Humane Slaughter Association

International Society for Applied Ethology

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare

USDA NC1029, Animal Behavior and Welfare Research

USDA NC209, Bioethics