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Pink Eye in Beef Cattle Herds (publication date 9/2014)

Weak Calf Syndrome (publication date 9/2014)

Ergot Poisoning in Cattle (publication date 1/2014)
Trichomoniasis in Beef Cattle (publication date 1/2014)
Arthrogryposis Multiplex (aka Curly Calf Syndrome)
Calf Diarrhea

Vitamin A Deficiency in Beef Calves  (publication date 1/2014)

Heat Stress In Beef Cattle (publication date 9/2014)

Foot Rot in Beef Cattle (publication date 10/2009)

Preparing Bulls for the Breeding Season - April 2009

Management of Neonatal Calves - March 2009

Nutritional program vital during calving - February 2009

Dr. Grant Dewell

Dr. Grant Dewell

Associate Professor
Beef Production Medicine, Epidemiology, Economics, Food Safety


Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine
2412 Lloyd Vet Med
Iowa State University
Ames, IA  50011

Ph: 515-294-2822
Fax: 515-294-1072