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Growth in Available Poultry Diagnostics


Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
1600 S 16th St
Iowa State University
Ames, IA  50011

Ph: 515-294-0710



 2010 Expansion of Salmonella enteritidis bacteriology.  A federal law requiring mandatory SE monitoring was published in the Federal Register in 2007 and became effective on July 9, 2010. 
 2006 Avian pathogenic E. coli multiplex PCR
     Dr. Lisa Nolan
     Voluntary monitoring for avian E. coli pathogenicity
 2006 Avian influenza PCR
     Dr. KJ Yoon
     Surveillance of wild birds, backyard flocks, and gamebirds
 2004 Avian pneumovirus serology
     Dr. John Johnson
     Voluntary surveillance for turkeys
 2003 Avian Influenza serology 
     Dr. John Johnson
     Mandatory surveillance for chickens and turkeys

Salmonella enteritidis bacteriology
     Dr. Lorraine Hoffman
     Voluntary surveillance for chickens

1985 Poultry pathology
     Dr. Darrell Trampel
     Board certified veterinary pathologist