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Impacts of ISU CVM's Poultry Program

University Impact  Dr. Gayle Brown

  • DVD Video entitled "Personal Protective Equipment for
    Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza."  Dr. Gayle Brown

State Impact

  • Radio and newspaper interviews
  • Annual Pullorum Testing School
  • Iowa Emergency Disease Control regulations

National Impact

  • National television - Market to Market show (2006)
  • National Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production testimony

The Federal and State Transport (FAST) Eggs Plan was developed by the Center for Food Security and Public Health at Iowa State University in collaboration with the egg industry, poultry veterinarians, and USDA APHIS-VS. The objective of the FAST Eggs Plan is to minimize the risk of exposure of poultry flocks to HPAI and thereby to limit the spread of HPAI during an outbreak.  This is accomplished by:

  • Audited minimum biosecurity standards for egg farms pre-approved by the State Animal Health Official and the Area Veterinarian-in-Charge
  • Location verification of participating farms
  • Epidemiology data to identify potential exposure and document flock production parameters
  • Active surveillance in each layer house via daily RRT-PCR testing
  • Geospatial Risk Estimate based on unmitigated risks and proximity to infected flocks
  • Secure website to share information with Incident Commanders and authorized personnel
  • Provides a high level of confidence that eggs are free of HPAI virus.

Iowa's FAST Eggs Plan is scheduled to begin April 1, 2010.