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Recent Publications

  1. Osweiler, G. D, S. Jagannatha, D. W. Trampel, P. M. Immerman, S. M. Ensley, I. Yoon, and D. T. Moore.  Evaluation of XPC and prototypes on aflatoxin-challenged broilers.  Poultry Science 89:1887-1893, 2010. [View Publication]
  2. Wesley, I.V., M. Rostagno, H. S. Hurd, D.W. Trampel.  Prevalence of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in market-weight turkeys on-farm and at slaughter.  J. Food Protection 72(1):43-48, 2009.  [View Publication]
  3. Hedican E., K. Smith, S. Jawahir, J. Scheftel, K. Kruger, R. Birk, J. L. Goplin, A. Garvey, D. Schmitt, D. W. Trampel, C. A. Perry, M. J. Sotir, F. J. Angulo, U. Sharapov, and C. B. Behravesh.  Multistate outbreaks of Salmonella Infections Associated with Live Poultry purchased by mail-order or from agricultural feed stores – United States, 2007.  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 58(2):25-29, 2009. [View Publication]
  4. Green, A.R., I. Wesley, D. W. Trampel, and H. Xin. Air quality and bird health status in three types of commercial egg layer houses. J. Applied Poultry Research 18:605-621, 2009.
  5. Munoz-Zanzi, C., D. Trampel, T. Hanson, K. Harrison, S. Goyal, R. Cortinas, D. Lauer.  Field estimation of the flock-level diagnostic specificity of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Avian pneumovirus antibodies in turkeys. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation.  21(2): 240-243, 2009.  [View Publication]
  6. Trampel, D. W., J.  T.  Zack, T.  L.  Clouse, D. A. Bickett-Weddle, G.  B.  Brown, V.  S.  Rao, H.  S.  Hurd, G.  I.  Garris, and J.  A. Roth.  A federal and state transport plan for movement of eggs and egg products from commercial egg production premises in a high-pathogenicity avian influenza control area.  JAVMA 235(12):1412-1419, 2009. [View Publication]
  7. Spickler, A. R., D. W. Trampel, and J. A. Roth.  The onset of virus shedding and clinical signs in chickens infected with high-pathogenicity and low-pathogenicity avian influenza viruses.  Avian Pathology 37(6):555-577, 2008.
  8. Andersen M E, Irene V. Wesley, Emily Nestor, Wayne Muraoka, and Darrell W. Trampel.  Prevalence of Arcobacter species in market-  weight commercial turkeys.  Antonie von Leeuwenhoek 92:309-317, 2007.
  9. G. C. Gray, D. W. Trampel, J. A. Roth.  Pandemic Influenza Planning: Shouldn’t Swine and Poultry Workers be Included?  Vaccine 25:4376-4381, 2007.
  10. Trampel DW, Y. Wannemuehler, L. K. Nolan.  Characterization of E. coli  Isolates from Peritonitis Lesions in Commercial Laying Hens.  Avian Diseases 51:840-844, 2007.
  11. Comito RW, W.  O.  Reece, D.  W.  Trampel, and K.  J.  Koehler.  Acid-Base Balance of the Domestic Turkey During Thermal Panting.  Poultry Science 86:2649-2652, 2007.
  12. Trampel DW, Zhou E-M, Yoon K-J, Koehler KJ.  2006.  Detection of antibodies in serum and egg yolk following infection of chickens with an H6N2 avian influenza virus.  J Vet Diagn Invest 18:437-442.

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